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Who was the smartest US President?


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January 24, 2014 7:14PM

A 2006 article in Political Psychology attempts to use objective information to figure this out. J.Q. Adams probably had the highest IQ (165), Warren Harding probably had the lowest (107). GW Bush was around 111, Reagan was about 118. Clinton was about 135. In terms of "intellectual brilliance," Jefferson ranks far ahead of anyone.


Historians ranked these presidents as having the highest IQs: John Quincy Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Woodrow Wilson, and Bill Clinton.

As far as the lowest IQ goes: W. H.Harrison, Harding, Reagan, G.W. Bush.

Ratings of many differant types of intelligence:

Pure IQ - Wilson, Clinton.

Understanding what Americans want to hear - Reagan

Knowing how to act in a tough situation - Franklin D Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy.

Making the right choice for the country, despite the consequence - Lincoln

Looking ahead to the future- Eisenhower (Al Gore, Vice President, also has a high IQ and would be the top rated in this category had he won the 2000 election)