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Dorothea Dix.

She started out as the advocate for the mentally ill in the 1820's because the asylums for the mentally ill were in horrible shape and began a national movement for treating the mentally ill.

The United States Sanitary Commission was an organization of civilian volunteers lead by Dorothea Dix, mobolized larged numbers of female nurses to serve in field hospitals. By the end of the war Women were the dominate force in nursing.

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Q: Who was the superintendent of nurses during the civil war?
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How did Dorothea Dix help with the civil war?

She was the superintendent of nurses for the union army.

What did the nurses in the red cross during the civil war wear?

The nurses in the Red Cross during the Civil War wore white dresses. This was to show how clean they were.

What did the nurses have to do during the Battle of Bunker Hill?

No nurses were there. Medical help during battles didn't happen until the civil war. The civil war had the first medical corps.

Which two women are known for their work as nurses and leaders during the Civil War?

During the American Civil War, about 2,000 women volunteered as nurses. Two nurses who are known for their work as nurses and leaders were Dorothea Dix and Abigail Hopper Gibbons.

What were the womens jobs during the Civil War?


What were the women left to do in the north and south during the civil war?

They served as volunteer nurses in military hospitals during the civil war.

What is dorothea dix famous for?

Dorothea Dix was an American activist on behalf of the indigent insane, who created the first generation of American mental asylums. She served as the Superintendent of Nurses during the Civil War.

What position did dorothea dix hold during the civil war?

superintendent of the union army

Who took care of the soldiers during the civil war nurses or doctors?

nurses took care of the soldiers.

What were some southern jobs during the civil war?

doctors nurses

How were women nurses important during the civil war?

because they can get hurt and they were closer.

How many female nurses were there during the civil war?

more than 100000

Did doctors or nurses amputate limbs in the civil war?

Doctors did the amputating. Thousands of limbs were amputated during the Civil War also.

What did woman nurses eat during the civil war?

green beans and mashed potatoes

What did women nurses do in the Civil War?

what women did in the civil warWomen served as nurses in the Civil War. They easily went out onto the field and tended to wounded soldiers.

Who was the famous nurse during the American Civil War?

Clara Barton and Dorthea Dix were but two of the many nurses that worked to alleviate the sufferings of wounded soldiers during the US Civil War. Barton is credited as being the founder of the American Red Cross, and Dix served as Superintendent of nurses during the war. Both were Union ladies but neither is said to have played favorites among those in need of their aid. Another famous nurse was Mary "Mother" Byckerdyke. She also was a Union lady.

Who did the women help during the civil war?

They helped the soldiers. Women served as nurses in the Civil War so therefore they helped the soldiers get better.

Who set up a training program for nurses in the north during the civil war?

Dorothea Dix

What are orderlies?

nurses for the civil war.

Who is Dorethea Dix?

A social reformer, advocate for the insane and Chief Nurse and Superintendent of Nursing during the US Civil War.

Who were confederate nurses?

if i remember right. when i here confederate or confederacy i think of the south during the time of slavery and such so im guessing nurses hired to help the confederate states of america Alternate answer: Confederate nurses simply refers to women who served as nurses for the Confederate army during the Civil War. Nursing was still in its infancy when the American Civil War broke out.

What were some women during the civil war?

in the civil war some women where army nurses while some where spices and some take care of the home and are even in the war front.

How many nurses were at the start of the Battle of Gettysburg?

there was 2,683,948 nurses in the civil war

Superintendent of finance during American Revolutionary War?

Robert Morris was the superintendent of finance during the American Revolution.

How did women and African Americans participate in the civil war?

Women served as soldiers, nurses, spies, or smugglers during the American Civil War. African Americans served in the military.