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Who was the the person who founded the US?

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There was no "one person." The founding of the US was a collective effort and took years to accomplish.

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Who founded the green party of the US?

The green party of the US was not founded by any one person. It grew out of several localized groups and movements.

What person founded Jamestown?

The person who founded Jamestown was John Smith! :)

What person founded Connecticut?

Thomas Hooker was the person who founded connecticut

Who founded Jesus?

Jesus was a person. Persons are not "founded."

What country was Google founded?

Google was founded in the US.

Was America founded in 1778?

The US was founded in 1776.

When was the first US city founded?

The first US city to be founded was Cahokia which was founded in the year 600. The city was in the state of Illinois.

What is the earliest founded city in the US?

St. Augustine is the earliest founded city in the modern day US. It was founded by the Spanish in 1565.

Who founded Compaq?

a person

Who founded Philadelphia Pennsylvania?

the person that founded philadlephia was Wlliam Penn

Who founded Athens?

The person who founded Athens was Noa The doughter of the principle

Who founded the religion of Hinduism?

No one single person founded religion

When was US Shoe Corp. founded?

It was founded in 1931

What city was founded? was not founded in a city. it was founded by some people, or, as far as i know, a person. there was no city that founded

How was the US founded?

The US was founded when the Continental Congress signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.

The person who founded the Connecticut colony?

John Winthrop was the person that founded the Connecticut Colony in the New World. John Winthrop was the son of the man who founded Massachusetts Bay Colony.

Who was the person who founded Wikipedia?

Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger founded Wikipedia.

Who founded Game Freak?

The person who founded Game Freak is Satoshi Tajiri.

What was founded on Marco Polo?

Marco Polo was a person, so nothing was founded "on" him.

Where was Samsung founded?

Taegu, Korea us where the Samsung corporation was founded

When was Massachusetts founded in the US?

Massachusetts was founded on February 6, 1788

What country was apple founded was it US or Canada?

Apple was founded in the U.S.A.

Who founded marine biology?

by a person

What country was apple founded was it in US or Canada?


When was Confucianism first founded?

I don't know when exactly it was founded but the person who founded it (Confucius) lived from 551-479 B.C.

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