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It is easy to blame Hitler for starting the war.

Hitler's aims were aggressive, and he openly stated them in his book "Mein Kampf" in 1924:

-Destroy the Treaty of Versailles.

-Create a Greater Germany (a country of all the German people).

-Lebensraum (living space) to conquer land for Germany in Eastern Europe.

Once he came to power, Hitler set about doing exactly what he had said he would do. For each of his actions between 1935 and 1939, can you see which aim(s) he was fulfilling by undertaking:

-1935 - Rearmament

-1936 - Remilitarisation of the Rhineland

-1938 - Anschluss with Austria

-1938 - The annexation of the Sudetenland

-1939 - The invasion of Czechoslovakia

-1939 - The invasion of Poland

4 factors of war

  • Treaty of Versailles:Created an anger in Germany that made many Germans support Hitler when he promised to destroy the Treaty. Also, it was so unfair that it undermined the confidence of western politicians to resist Hitler's demands, which many of them agreed with.
  • League of Nations: It was supposed to keep the peace, but it failed. It was too ambitious and badly organised. The group was betrayed by America, Britain and France and it was destroyed by Japan and Italy.
  • Hitler's Policies: It is easy to argue that Hitler's actions pushed a Europe, which was desperate to be reasonable, into war. His invasions of Czechoslovakia and Poland went beyond correcting the mistakes of Versailles.
  • Nazi-Soviet Pact: Some historians argue that Hitler would not have gone to war in 1939 if he had been faced with fighting Britain and France in the west and Russia and Poland in the east. Stalin gave Hitler the green light for war.

So it's hard to blame 1 person for World War 2: It could be both Britain, France, Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union who together caused World War 2. All countries had a factor in the main cause of World War 2.

Hindenburg representing the citizens of Germany in their failure to have the army take steps to control the SA and the SS and their fanatical leader Herr Wolf of Berchtesgaden.

Suggestions of neglect on the part of the Allies who ultimately had to bear the burden of the war, are puny beside the aggression and provocation from Germany.

Is seems to be a characteristics of those who start wars never to actually declare war. Why would they?

First the treaty of Versailles in which all blame for the first World War was blamed all on Germany. Ridiculous war reparations sent the German economy into a horrible depression.

Next the rise of Adolf Hitler, who The British P.M. compromised with again and again, instead of taking action.

Finally the Fanatical Nationalism and Imperialism, in the instance of Japan wanting to conquer the entire Pacific.

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Q: Who was to blame for World War 2?
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