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Were the disciples present at the crucifixion?John: They were, or one, at least (xix, 26).

According to the Synoptics, all were absent; all had forsaken their Master, all had fled. The Twelve Apostles at this time, unless Judas had already hung himself, as Matthew declares, numbered one traitor and eleven cowards.

What women followed Jesus and witnessed his execution?Matthew and Mark: Women of Galilee (Matt. xxvii, 55; Mark xv, 40, 41).

Luke: "Daughters of Jerusalem," that is, women of Judea (xxiii, 28).

Where were Mary Magdalene and her companions during the crucifixion?Matthew and Mark: "Looking on afar off" (Mark xv, 40; Matt. xxvii, 55, 56).

John: They "stood by the cross" (xix, 25).

Was Mary, the mother of Jesus, present?John: She was (xix, 25).

Synoptics: She was not.

  • The Synoptics do not expressly state that she was absent, but if she was present, as John affirms, is it possible that they would ignore the fact when they mention "the strolling Magdalene" no less than seven times?
Who stood by the cross with the mother of Jesus?John: "Now there stood by the cross of Jesus his mother, and his mother's sister, Mary, the wife of Cleophas" (xix, 25).
  • Mary must have been a very popular name to be given to two daughters of the same family. It is not probable that these sisters were both named Mary. John never mentions the name of Jesus' mother, and it is evident that he did not suppose her name was Mary. Were John the only Gospel, Christians would be ignorant of the Virgin's name. Mariolatry did not originate in the Johannine church.
AnswerThe gospels mention a centurion and guards, presumably Roman, near Jesus. John adds that the two criminals who were crucified with Jesus were also still alive, as their legs were broken to hasten death. Mary Magdalene and another Mary, the mother of James and Joses (and, presumably, Jesus Himself), and a woman identified in one gospel as Salome (and in another as the mother of James & John, the sons of Zebedee), were watching "from a distance." Most of His disciples weren't nearby, for fear of being captured and tortured themselves.

Roman crucifixion was a public spectacle, so there could've been many people who came and went during the day.

AnswerJesus told the good thief hung next to him: "today you will be with me in paradise."

And Jesus did say once "my Father is always with me".

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Q: Who was with Jesus when he died?
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