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A kimono is a traditional Japanese garment. It is worn by Geishas in Japan, and has been adopted for use in fashion all over the world.

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What episode does sakura wear a kimono?

Sakura never wears a kimono in any of the Naruto episodes. From what I know.

Who wears kimono?

Kimono can be worn by men and women. There are different styles for each gender, age, marital status, formality, and season.

What is the shirt called that steven seagal wears in all of his movies?


When do people wear kimono?

During formal festivities, such as weddings and graduations. The Kimono is rarely worn due to the cost and difficulties it imposes on the one who wears it, as it makes it difficult to breathe and eat.

Who wears kimonos?

In Japan only the women wore kimonos. Wrong. In Japan, kimono is worn, traditionally by everyone. Men, women, children. In other parts of the world, kimono is also being worn by foreigners. By embracing the culture, kimono can be a wondering garment to wear for Japanese or gaijin!

What are the difference of culture between japan and Philippines?

Example : Japanese wears Kimono in wedding ..Filipinos wear a normal wedding dress in weddings ..

What is the plural form for kimono?

kimono (plural kimono orkimonos)

What is the french word for kimono?

It is kimono. So basically it is still kimono.

What is the name of the teen titan girl that has a crazy cat mask long black hair in pigtails and wears a short green kimono?

Her name is Cheshire.

Is kimono Vietnamese or Japanese?

Kimono is Japanese.

What do geisha wear?

To simplify Geisha wear beautiful and elaborate kimono made of expensive silk, an obi, (plus many under-kimono ties and layers), tabi sock, zori or oboko shoes, and hair kanzashi. What a Geisha wears depends very much on the month and event. She has certain kimono and certain kanzashi that she will only wear during designated months or days.

What is traditional dress for Japanese?

A Kimono The Kimono

Do guys wear kimono?

Yes, men do wear Kimono. There are special kimono made specifically for men.

What is a kimono saah?

A kimono sash is called an Obi.

What is the Japanese word for kimono?

kimono 着物

What are the 5 parts of a man's kimono?

naga juban (under kimono), kimono (outer kimono), obi (waist tie), haori (jacket), and hakama (outer pants)

What country's traditional dress features a kimono?

A kimono is a traditional Japanese garment.

Where can a formal dress be a kimono?

Formal dress in Japan can be a kimono.

What is name for kimono sash?

A kimono sash is called an obi.

How do you put on a kimono?

How to wear a kimono -

How do you use kimono in a sentence?

I love my red decorated kimono.

What is a sentence for kimono?

Many Japanese people wear a kimono.

What country does the word kimono come from?

Kimono is from Japanese meaning ki=wearing mono=thing there for kimono translates to wearing thing

What part of speech is word and kimono in this sentence -- The word kimono referred to all clothes in Japan?

The word kimono is a noun.

Where can you find a salmon colored Japanese kimono?

................ IN A KIMONO STORE ...........SMART...