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my friend 'el chupacabras' does.

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Why does Manson Musso wear that buckle all the time?

== he always wears the belt buckle because it brings him good luck on tours and on set== ] that is why he wears it ==

How do you use a belt buckle?

The belt usually has a clip or ring that is on the left side (as it's worn) of the belt buckle. Before putting the belt on, put the length of the belt through that clip, then put the belt on. The small nub you'll find on the right side (as it's worn) of the belt buckle will go into a free hole to keep the belt buckle in place. If you have a detachable belt buckle such as a western belt, then the belt and the buckle are sold separately. If that is the case, then the belt will have a snap that will open the end. The buckle has a metal ring on the inside that the end of the belt will go through.

What are the parts of a belt buckle?

The parts of a belt buckle are the prong, buckle and belt.

How do you change a belt buckle?

With some belts there are clips in the reverse side, which you can use to change the buckle. What do you do if the belt you want doesn't have clips? Well I cut the stitiching or remove the rivets, depending on which the belt has, then replace the buckle and refasten it with safety pins, or if you have a thinner belt you may prefer to staple it. Hope this helps.

What color is santa's belt buckle?

He had a black belt with a gold / brass buckle

Is wearing belt buckle to the side gay?

That's entirely opinion. You have to decide for yourself.

Where can you purchase the belt buckle that Booth wears in the TV series Bones?

An Internet search gives plenty of suggestions for online shopping.

Which way does a belt buckle?

For men, the buckle is on the left.

What are the parts of a belt called?

The belt and the buckle.

What brand belt does salmankhan wear?

salman wears belts designed for ladies!!and he adds his buckle to it..!!it is of no specific brand..dats salman for u!

Seat belt buckle?

Seat belts are made with an authentic metal seat belt buckle. The belt can fit just about every size while the buckle keeps the passenger locked in.

Which belt allows you to put belt buckle on?

the wwe champion chip. because i scrowed it off and put a nother belt buckle on

Can you put a buckle on a normal belt?

It depends on the style of buckle and the style of belt. Some you can and some you can't.

How do you replace seat belt buckle on a 95 ford exploere?

Replace the belt and buckle as one unit.

What is the most expensive belt buckle ever sold?

The most expensive belt buckle sold would be a belt buckle made by Roland Iten, a Swedish designer. His belt buckle is engineered and crafted like a Geneva watch, and are mechanically operated to loosen the belt. The buckle takes anywhere from 9 - 18 months to create, is crafted entirely of platinum, and costs $18,000.

What Color is Santa's belt?

His belt is black with a gold buckle

What is value of Bostock Buckle of The Mule?

Value of Belt buckle: Buckle Name Discover El Paso No. 814?

How do you repair the automatic seat belt on a 1992 Suburu It is stuck up by the front of the window?

Check for a blown fuse first. Release the belt by pressing button at upper buckle, make sure belt to side of console is not jammed(common). Try and help motorized buckle end as you open and close the door. You should be seated in seat so the buckle does not hit you .

What colour was Santa Claus?

To European-Americans, he is white. To African-Americans he is black. Santa Claus wears a red suit with white designs and a belt with a yellow buckle.

Was Orion's belt a guide?

Yes, 'the north star' is the 'buckle' of the belt

Does the belt hurt and is the buckle much worse?

Yes the belt hurts very much and the buckle is abuse. I do not recommend any beltings at all.

How can I tell if I have the right size buckle for the belt that I'm wearing?

Your buckle should fit flush with your belt there should be no movement between the two.

What are the compound words that end in belt?

seat belt lifebelt beltway belt buckle belt loop

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