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Only the wealthy men and priests went to school to learn how to read and write.

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Q: Who went to school in ancient Egypt?
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How did ancient Egypt started?

They went to school.

Schools names in Ancient Egypt?

There is no historical records which describe the school name in Ancient Egypt.

How were scribes educated in ancient Egypt?

first they went to school and took writing a whole bunch then they were decided by the pharaoh and was chosen

When did Ptolemy go to school?

he went to school in Egypt

Did girls go to school in ancient Egypt?

no, girls in ancient Egypt were not allowed to go to school. The girls stayed home and learned from there mothers.

What did boys learn at school in Ancient Egypt?


Did rich girls from Egypt went to school?


What do the ancient Egypt kids learn in school?

Mostly, children did not attend school in ancient Egypt. Male children of the very wealthy would have been tutored.

What is a school like in ancient Egypt?

Schools were strict

Did children go to school in Ancient Egypt?

nopee ,

What do ancient Egypt children wear to school?


Would men go to school in ancient Egypt?


Did ancient Egypt have a good security system?

yes of cores my friend told me at school he is from Egypt

Rules in school in Ancient Egypt?

They practised having babies

How did the phoencians link many parts of the ancient wirld of Egypt?

they went into slavery for it

Who discovered school?

School was not discovered, it was developed. education was discovered in ancient Egypt and Sumer.

Why was good education important in ancient Egypt?

because you needed to learn how to write, so you could be a scribe and record information. usually only men went to school.

Why weren't women in ancient Egypt allowed to become scribes?

because they thought men were smarter than women so it was usually olny the men who went to school

Who were the rulers in ancient Egypt?

the rulers of ancient Egypt were rulers of ancient Egypt

What did women and men were on their feet in ancient Egypt?

They wore sandals, slippers, or went barefoot.

What did poor girls and boys do instead of school in ancient Egypt?


What do kids learn in ancient Egypt school?

How to not look like a terrorist.

Did the boys go to school in ancient Egypt?

yes the boys did go to school at age 7.

Did Ancient Greek school children have school holidays?

Very few children went to school. Not like today and there were holidays in ancient times.

What is in ancient Egypt?

ancient egypt