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Who were America's allies during World War 2?


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February 24, 2016 10:34AM

Main Allies

- United Kingdom.

- British Commonwealth (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, etc).

- British Empire (India, South Africa, Hong Kong, etc) .

- France.

- Soviet Russia.

Other Allies

- Belgium.

- Norway.

- Poland.

- Netherlands.

- Mexico (after German U-Boats sunk Mexican oil vessels shipping oil to the US).

- Greece.

- Philippines.

- Nicaragua.

- El Salvador.

- Czechoslovakia.

- Republic of China (before the attack on Pear Harbour, they supported the Japanese. But retracted their alliance with Japan after the Pearl Harbour attacks and supported the Allies).

- Yugoslavia (only officially joined the war on the allied side after being invaded by Germany).

After the D-Day landings, more countries joined the Allies:

- Romania.

- Hungary.

- Ecuador.

- Venezuela.

- Turkey.

- Egypt.

- Lebanon.

- Syria.

- Finland.

- Argentina.

- Chile.

Brazil started off as neutral. But traded oil and weapons with both the friendly (Allies) and hostile (Axis) sides. Because Brazil was run by a semi-fascist government at the time, their favouritism swung towards the hostiles (Axis).

However, as the Allies began to take control of the oceans, trade between Brazil and the Axis became nearly impossible.

The Allies managed to forcefully convince Brazil to support the Allied side 100%. Providing trade, air support and Brazilian airfields to the Allies, in return, the Allies promised not to invade Brazil for supporting the Axis.