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The allies of the US during the Vietnam War were:

South Korea with the second largest contingent fo troops in South Vietnam, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines. Canadian made military hardware was used in Vietnam including large amounts of Agent Orange. The Canadian soldiers that fought in the war were part of the US troops.

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Allies and enemies during the Vietnam war?

Allies verses the communists.

Was Thailand neutral during the Vietnam war?

Fought with the allies in South Vietnam.

Who were the allies of North vietnam?

The Soviet Union and China were two significant allies of North Vietnam during the Vietnam War. The war lasted from 1955 to 1975.

Who were allies of north during the Vietnam war?

China and Russia

What nations were allies with the us during the Vietnam war?


What was one of our communist allies during the Vietnam war?

The NVA & VC were the only combatants against the allies.

Was South Korea and Australia allies with the US during the Vietnam War?

Yes. In fact both countries had combat troops helping South Vietnam during the Vietnam war.

What two nations where Americas best allies during world war 2?

With WW2 it was allies vs axis. And everyone on th allies side were well allies. But the the 3 strongest allies were soviet union, America, and probably uk.

When and why did France negotiate a treaty with America during the Revolutionary War?

the frech became Americas allies in 1778

Who were allied with the US during the Vietnam war?

US allies were South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Philippines, and the Republic of South Vietnam.

Who were allies of South Vietnam during the Vietnam war?

What I can determine is that the following governments provided military support to the Republic of Vietnam: United States, Australia, Thailand, New Zealand and the Phillipines.

How did Americas allies help in World War 1?

Americas allies did most of the fighting, do your research and stop asking broad questions

Did the Irish guards fight in the Vietnam war either in Vietnam or Cambodea?

The allies during the Vietnam War were the US, South Viets, South Koreans, Thai's, Philippines, Australia and New Zealanders.

Who was involved in the fall of saigon?

The communist North Vietnam or PAVN and their allies vs. the Republic South Vietnam with America and their allies

Who is was in the Vietnam war?

North Vietnam verses the US & it's allies.

What are the motives of the American allies during the Vietnam war?

Not angering the US for one. Said another way; appeasing the US.

How did the other countries help in the Vietnam war?

The communist allies sent equipment to North Vietnam. The southern allies sent men and equipment.

What countries were fighting in the Vietnam War?

North Vietnam/VC vs allies

Who was the Vietnam war agianst?

North Vietnam/VC against the US/allies.

What happened to Vietnam after the US and its allies withdraw?

North Vietnam completed it's conquest of South Vietnam.

What country occupied Vietnam during the Vietnam war?

No nation occupied anybody during Vietnam. Vietnam was a war of body counts; who killed the most men won. Northerners lived in the North; Southerners lived in the South. US & allies also lived thru-out the South; for about 15 years and then left in 1975.

Allies of north Vietnam?

China and Russia .

Why did the Vietnam war upset people?

Not allies

How does N Vietnam Defends S Vietnam?

N. Vietnam was ATTACKING S. Vietnam. South Vietnam was defending itself with the help of the US/Allies.

Who were allies of North Vietnam during the war?

The VC in S. VN, Red China & USSR supplied the guns, tanks, and jets.