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Who were Aphrodites children?

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With her husband Hephaestus she never produced offspring.

With the mortal Anchises she had twins Lyrus (died childless) and Aeneas, Anchises had another daughter Hippodamia, of unknown mother.

Phaethon with whom she had Astynous, with Adonis she had Beroe.

Butes is sometimes said to have been her mate with whom she produced Eryx.

With her consort, Ares, Aphrodite had:

Harmonia (Harmony)

Deimos (Fear)

Phobus (Panic/Terror)

Anteros (Love Returned)

And with Hermes she had a son, joined with Salmacis and became Hermaphroditus.

And yet with Dionysus she had Priapus (who is sometimes also called a son of Hermes).

Iacchus is also called a son of Dionysus and Aphrodite (or Aura).

Rhode and Herophile are sometimes claimed to be daughters of Poseidon and Aphrodite.

As for Eros (Love) the famed son of Aphrodite, his twin was Himeros (Desire) and Aphrodite is claimed to have emerged pregnant with them.

Peitho is sometimes called a daughter of Aphrodite, but was most likely only a companion of the goddess. Pothus (Longing) was also confused for her son, but is also known as the son of Iris and Zephyrus.

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What are the names of Aphrodites children?

Aphrodite's children were Cupid, Eros and Harmonia.

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yes many of miscellaneous children as a result of her whimsisal affairs

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yes, he was the father of many children.

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Aphrodites animal is a dove.

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Young Aphrodites was created in 1963.

Who are Aphrodites kids?

Aphrodite had four children. Three boys and one girl. Their father was Ares, who she had an affair with.

What are the Names of Aphrodites daughters?

Aphrodite had many children but the daughter im famliar of is Harmonia, goddess of harmony.

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Okay Aphrodite's Interests Are Children , Sex , Ares , Sex with Gods , CHildren < and Basically Sex , sex , and more sex

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As the goddess of love, Aphrodite helps young girls and boys to fall in love. She claims her demigod children that are amazingly beautiful.

What is Aphrodites roman name?

aphrodites the love gods roman name is venus who is a little less loving in roman form

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