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Moses father was Am ram and his mother was Jockhebed

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Who was moses born unto in the bible?

Moses parents were Arman and his mother was Jockhebed.

Who was gershom's parents in the bible?

Moses and Zipporah. He was their firstborn son.

Who are the parents of Moses?

Moses parent are only known to be Jews but no record about their name or personal information was give in the bible

What color was arron moses brother?

Aaron is the same color as Moses Abraham, they were the color of the people of Iraq.

Were grandma Moses parents poor?

where grandma moses parents poor

Who is Arron from Bible?

Aaron (notice the spelling) was Moses' older brother. Moses had a stutter, sowhen there was a message to deliver to Pharaoh in Egypt, Moses and Aaronvisited him together, and Aaron did the talking. Later, after the Exodus andduring the sojourn in the desert, Aaron was the first High Priest of Israel.Neither Moses nor Aaron ever set foot in the Promised Land during either oftheir lifetimes.

How many times is Moses named in the Bible?

Moses is mentioned 829 times in the KJV Bible.

Did Moses live?

According to the bible, Moses lived.

Were in the bible does it talk about moses?

Moses can be found in Exodus.

Who was known as Moses and why was she important?

Moses is in the bible and was a MAN

Who is the first author of the Bible?

Moses, he wrote the first five books of the Bible, sometimes called the books of Moses. The authorship of the first five books of the Bible is generally attributed to Moses.

Is it true that maybe moses was incinerated?

Since the only evidence we have for Moses is in the Bible and the Bible explicitly claims the Moses was buried, there is no genuine source to counter this and say that Moses was incinerated.

Were is Moses found in the bible?

Moses can be found in his four books in the bible they are Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.

Why was Moses important in the Bible?

Moses was God's tool to release the Israelites from Egyptian captivity. Moses was an amazing man of faith and was referred to as such in the rest of the Bible.

Is it in the Bible did moses see god?

The Bible says no man can see God and live. What Moses saw was an angel representing God.

Why is Moses in the Bible?

A:Moses is in the Bible because the early Hebrew people, sometime around 1000 BCE, developed a tradition that their ancestors had fled from captivity in Egypt and that Moses was their leader. The Bible incorporates these early traditions.

Did Moses have a speech problem?

yes Moses from the Bible did have speech problems

Who is the first prophet in the Bible?

The first prophet in the bible is Moses.

Who was Jethro in the Bible?

Jethro in the Bible was Moses' father-in-law.

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