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At the beginning of WW2 Australia was a part of the British Commonwealth and as such was considered one of the Allied nations, along with other British Commonwealth nations such as South Africa & Canada. Other Allied nations were England, U.S. and briefly France which seems to have a penchant for surrender.

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Australias allies in World War1 were Great Britain, France, Russia and the usa.

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It marked the beginning of the Allies' surge to take back occupied Europe.

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Russia, Britain and France were the Allies in World War 1.

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Great Britain, France,Soviet Union, USA, and China

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the Germans were involved in world war 1 cause they were Siberia's allies and Russians allies

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The US and the Allies won World War 2.

the war began in September 1939. Japan surrendered in august 1945.

I think we didn't go into a depression because we loaned weapons to the Allies during the beginning of world war 2. The money we received after the war kept us out of a depression.

first world war was with the allies. in the second world war was neutral.

In 1917 the Lusitania - a ship - was sunk with Americans on board.

Italy, Germany, japan, and russia in the beginning but became allies later ing the war.

If you are asking if Italy was part of the Allies in World War Two, the answer is no. However, if you want to find the allies of Italy, the main one was Germany.

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The German Allies surrenedered because they want peace, and then the allies killed them all.

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