Who were Charlie Brown and Lucy?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Who were Charlie Brown and Lucy?
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What did Lucy call Charlie Brown?

Lucy called Charlie Brown a blockhead.

Who kisses Lucy in A Charlie Brown Christmas?


Is Lucy or sally a bigger part in Charlie Brown?

defintly lucy :)

What does Lucy send Charlie Brown out to get?

to get a tree

Where are Charlie Brown and Lucy on great pumpkin island?

Charlie Brown is originally outside Linus and Lucy's house, and Lucy is inside. When you complete the pumpkin patch sequence, Charlie brown is with Snoopy in his backyard (left). When you finish collecting the leaves, and Linus jumps in them, follow him to mail his letter. After he does (with a delay to recover his blanket), Lucy and Charlie Brown are playing with the football in the yard.

On The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show Lucy's favorite name for Charlie Brown is?

Block Head