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Elisabeth (Betsie) and Nollie were her sisters, and a brother, Willem. Also, Corrie had a brother named Hendrik Jan who died in infancy and is not mentioned in The Hiding Place.

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Q: Who were Corrie ten Boom's siblings?
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Who was Corrie Ten Booms sister?

a suker

What were corrie ten booms beliefs?


What is the name of corrie ten booms sister?


What was the name of corrie ten booms brother?

Williem Ten Boom

What did corrie ten booms aunt Anna die of?


Who were corrie ten booms aunts?

they were hitler and schindlers wifes

What is corrie ten booms full name?

Cornelia Arnolda Johanna Ten Boom

Who was corrie ten booms sister who was imprisoned in ravensbruck camp?


What was corrie ten booms early years like?

they were very weird

What was corrie ten booms real names?

leudy del leon

What were the consequences of corrie ten booms family hiding the the Jews?


What was corrie ten booms mom favorite hymn?

Amazing Grace

When did corrie ten booms parents die?

in a hole at a consetration camp

What was Corrie ten Booms mothers name?

Her mother's name was Cor Luitingh.

Who where corrie ten booms sitters and bother names?

Nollie, Betsie, and Williem

When did corrie ten booms brother die?

He died January 13th of 1904.

What were the Key events in corrie ten booms life?

She saved the Jews, and was persecuted by the Germans.

When did Corrie ten Booms mother die?

Corrie ten Boom was born in April of 1892 in the Netherlands. Her mother's name was Cornelia. Cornelia died in 1921 of a brain hemorrhage.

What happen to Corrie ten Booms father?

He died March 10, 1944 in the Schevenongen Prison...

What was corrie ten booms boyfriend's name?

Karen, I forgot his last name, but he got very close to marrying Corrie ten Boom, but didn't and then Corrie ten Boom prayed for him.

Was Corrie ten Boom the youngest in her family?

Yes, Corrie ten Boom was the youngest of her siblings. She had two older sisters, Betsie and Nollie, and an older brother, Willem.

What was Corrie Ten Boom's hobbies?

Corrie ten Boom is well known for surviving the notorious Ravensbruck Concentration Camp, while her sister, Betsie, who was with her in the Camp did not. The family's old watch shop had a secret room. The ten Booms were betrayed and thrown into the brutality of the concentration camps. It was in the watch shop that Corrie helped her father as a hobbie.

Did Corrie ten Boom die?

Corrie ten Boom died in 1983.

What was Corrie Ten Boom's school?

what was corrie ten boom's school like

How did Corrie Ten Boom die?

Corrie Ten Boom died of successive strokes.

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