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Who were Sepoys in India?

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Indian Soldiers!

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Who were the sepoys and the what was the result of their 1857 revolution in India?

Sepoys were Indian soldiers The result of their revolution was the disbanding of the East India Company and it also led to the British to reorganize the army, the financial system, and the administration of India.

In India what were sepoys?

Indian soldiers serving in European armies

Sepoys in India were?

Indian troops recruited to serve in the British Army.

Does India still use Sepoys?

Nah, there use narwhals now.

Who were the sepoys?

The sepoys were Indian troops.

Immediate causes of the Sepoy Rebellion?

The Sepoy Rebellion, also called the Indian War of Independence, was started to rid the peoples of India of their British conquerors. Indian troops called sepoys worked for the English East India Company that ruled India on behalf of the British Empire. The British generally ignored Indian traditions of religion and caste, and the sepoys learned that their rifle cartridges were greased with the fat of cows (sacred to Hindus) and pigs (untouchable by Muslims). Eighty-five sepoys who refused to use the cartridges were convicted of mutiny, sentenced to prison, beaten and dishonored. The Sepoy Rebellion started in response to this treatment when other sepoys revolted on May 10, 1857. They freed the imprisoned sepoys along with hundreds of political prisoners, and the mob killed forty British officers and civilians. Other Indian regiments, along with Indian princes and their followers, then joined the mutiny in an attempt to restore their culture and rid themselves of British rule. The rebellion quickly spread throughout much of India.

What upset the sepoys during the British East India Company's rule of India?

They were paid less than British soldiers. They were required to serve overseas. Rifle cartridges that supposedly were greased in animal fat were introduced.

Who did Robert Clive of the East India Company recruited to serve in his private army in the 1700s?

Robert Clive recruited sepoys and Indian soldiers to serve in his private army. Using the army, the East India Company became the most influential group in India.

A sentence with sepoy?

The sepoy Rebellion was begun by Indian soldiers, called sepoys, in the army of the East India Company.The conflict was short and sharp, the mutinous sepoys preferring flight to the wrath of their enemies.sepoy battalions was on the right.On the way down he helped a wounded sepoy under heavy fire and assisted in carrying him to safety.

Causes of the sepoy mutiny?

Introduction of enfield rifles,low salary given to Indian sepoys,more no, of Indian sepoys,defeat of british in afghan war,death of Mangal Pandey,refuse of apporx.85 sepoys to touch gresed cartiridge etc.

Why was the first war of independence called sepoy mutiny?

India's first was of independence was also called the Sepoy Mutiny because it was a mutiny of the Sepoys in the East India Company Army.

Who were the Indian soldiers who served in the British Indian army and rebelled in 1857?

The native Indian soldiers recruited by the East India Company were called "sepoys" (or the cavalry equivalent "sowar"). The rebellion by these soldiers was called the "Sepoy Mutiny" or "Indian Mutiny" of May, 1857. The 200,000 sepoys outnumbered British soldiers by five to one. After two sepoys were hanged for disobedience and more than 80 imprisoned, a general revolt by the sepoys and the populace broke out against British officers and citizens. The war was mainly fought in north central India, south of the cities of Meerut and Delhi. During 1857 and 1858, various Indian and Asian soldiers fought either with or against the British. The British ultimately prevailed, though the conflict and later reprisals killed hundreds of thousands among the native populace. The rebellion marked the beginning of a united India, and is officially referred to as the "First War of Independence".

Name few Freedom fighters of sepoy mutiny of 1857?

Freedom Fighters of 1857(Sepoy Mutiny,India)Mangal Pandey,Ishawari Pandey,Rani Laxmi Bai of Jhansi,Tantia Tope, Nana Saheb....In India,1857 AD alludes to the period of Sepoy Mutiny. The main pioneer were Mangal Pandey and his associate, Ishawari Devi. This mutiny was a protest against the British East India Company.The Mutiny first began in the Eastern part of India then it spreaded to other parts of India gradually.The reasons for this mutiny is as under:a) The cartridges of the Sepoys were smeared with animal fats which they had to operate with their mouth, and hence,it hurt their religious sentiments.b)The sepoys were alloted a petty cash known by the name of 'Batta'.This incentive was curbed too.c) The sepoys did not get any promotion whatsoevr,even if they performed well.d)Rule of law was different for different people.

What were Indian soldiers called?

Indian soldiers were also called "Sepoys".

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