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Who were William Shakespeare's siblings?

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Following are the names and baptism dates of William and his

siblings, born to Mary and John Shakespeare. Actual birth dates

were not recorded in that era, but the Book Of Common Prayer stated

that it was required that a child be baptised on the nearest Holy

Day (Sunday) following the birth.

Some historians say that babies were baptised 3 days after their

birth. The baptism date of the second sister named Joan, who died

at the remarkable (for that era) age of 77, is not known.

Joan - 15th September, 1558 -- Only survived two


Margaret - 2nd December, 1562 -- Died one year


William - 26th April, 1564 -- Died 1616, aged


Gilbert - 13th October, 1566 -- Died 1612 aged


Joan - 1569 -- Died 1646, aged 77

Anne - 28th September, 1571 -- Died 1579 aged


Richard - 11th March, 1574 -- Died 1613 aged


Edmund - 3rd May, 1580 -- Died 1607 aged 27

His two older sisters, Joan and Margaret, died in infancy, and a

younger sister Anne died of bubonic plague aged only 7.

The surviving sister, who was also called Joan and was 5 years

younger than Will, married a hatter called William Hart and they

had 2 children, one of whom was also called William. William Hart

Jr. followed his uncle into the acting profession, and was a member

of The Kings Men acting company in London for some time.

William Hart Snr. died just a week before Will Shakespeare


Joan survived her brother William by 30 years- he provided well

for her in his legacy, and she remained living in Henley St.,

Stratford-on-Avon until her death aged 77.

The brothers were called Gilbert, Richard and Edmund- Gilbert

became a haberdasher and moved to London to be near his brother

William, where he enjoyed a commission to supply fabrics to The

Kings Men, as well as to the nobility. He and William were very

close- Gilbert never married, and died four years earlier than his

famous brother, in 1612 at the age of only 46.

Little is known about Richard- he was ten years younger than

Will and died the year after Gilbert, aged just 39. Like Gilbert,

he never married, and is thought to have become a partner in the

family business of making gloves and bespoke accessories.

Edmund was the youngest of all the children- he also followed

Will onto the stage, receiving much encouragement and training from

his older brother and showing much promise as a talented young

actor. His life was cut short at the tragically young age of 27 in

1607, when another virulent outbreak of bubonic plague swept

London. His famous elder brother was devastated at the loss of his

young sibling and protege, and met all the funeral expenses


Of all of Shakespeare's siblings, only Joan the younger survived


Sure did. Three brothers: Gilbert, Richard and Edmund. Apart from

two sisters who died as infants before William's birth, two

sisters: Anne and Joan. no he didn't

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