Who were Zeus' lovers?

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Now that really depends on who you count as a "lover."
Do you want to include events like Zeus taking the form of a swan and raping a princess named Leda?
Not joking, now try to imagine it.
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How do you forget about a lover?

It's a hard thing to do to forget about someone that you were sexually and emotionally involved with. My advice would be to try not to think about that person too much and get out with your friends, do things you enjoy.

Who is Zeus?

The King of the gods Zeus is a god in the ancient Greece. Peoplethought that he made the olympics up. He lived in Mount Olympus.Zeus is a Greek god and is known for being one of the big threegods and is the god of the sky, heavens, and all gods!

Who was Zeus?

Zeus is the king of all gods apart from the big three which are Poseidon hades and himself , and the god of sky and thunder. He was the ruler of Mount Olympus and married many times. His main wife and queen Hera became angry with this and often went for vengeance, actually killing some of Zeus' othe ( Full Answer )

Who is your perfect lover?

Well only you can know that for sure. It depends if you are ready to love, love like kiss or get married. You know if your heart speeds up or you find yourself showing of a bit or trying to be cool or you get butterflies in your stomach.

How can you forget your lover?

Throw out everything that your lover gave you, and remove things that remind you of your lover as well. You should also get a hobby, something to take your mind off him.

How do you lose a lover?

If you do not be loyal to him. If you fight a lot with him. If you put a lot of demands. This could lead to losing your lover.

Where is Zeus from?

Zeus is from the Earth also known as Gods he is born in the palace of Cronus and Rhea. During the time of the Golden age before the age of the Gods.

Who was Zeus' lover?

Hera was Zeus's wife. but he had a lot of lovers, for instance, Maia, Leto, Danaë, Io, Leda, etc.

What is a secret lover?

Secret Lover . A secret lover is someone you are having sex with in secret.

Who were Elizabeth I lovers?

Well a great subject of historical debate in my opinion but sadly one that will never be answered in full. However it can be noted that Elizabeth I had a number of admirers, particularly the most famous, Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester. Elizabeth came very close to marrying Lord Robert, but faced g ( Full Answer )

What did Zeus do?

Zeus was the King of the gods in ancient Greek mythology. See the Related Link.

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A true lover is the one who will do anything for you.He/She will take care of you.He will love you forever,no one can impress him/her.He/She will always think about you.He/She will always praise about you,if anyone says wrong or bad about you he/she will get angry on that person and it may change to ( Full Answer )

Who were Cleopatra's lovers?

Cleopatra had many lovers but the ones she loved was jlies ceaser, and mark Antony she hated her brother/husband

What is acupressure for lovers?

Acupressure for lovers are used to achieve deeper and bettercommunication, spirituality, and good health of couples. It isbased on mutual caring and the power of touch.

Is it bad to be A lover?

not really only if u get caught is that bad..well what mean dont get attach because he problem is just using u as a booting call and then when he moves on you are the one getting hurt. It not your faut that the girl friend is not satfaing him in the way u can..

Who is Itachi's lover?

Shisui was his SUPPOSED secret lover. Shisui was gay and forced Itachi to pleasure him [ He could only trust Itachi ] but Itachi was straight. One day , Itachi told Shisui off about what he was doing to him. But shisui was going to lie and tell the whole clan that him and Itachi were gay but Itachi ( Full Answer )

Who was Shakespeares lover?

William Shakespeare's "lover" would probably be his wife, Anne Hathaway. They were married in 1582, and had 3 children, a daughter Susanna and twins Hamnet and Judith. It is rumored that Shakespeare had one illegitimate son, William Davenant, however other sources state that Shakespeare was merely D ( Full Answer )

How do you get a lover?

Be yourself. If you have to act out of character to get someone, it's going to back fire on you. And when you start showing your true colors it's going to burn to ashes. So save yourself some heartache and don't put a show out just to get someone.

The will of Zeus?

Your question isn't clear. Zeus was omnipotent and could do whatever he wanted. There was no clear definition of his will.

Who was after Zeus?

When you say "Who was after Zeus", if you ment in the ranking of power.. then it was Zeus, then Poseidon, then Hades. If you ment birth, then it was Hades, Poseidon, then Zeus. Hope i helped. :)

Who and what was Zeus?

Zeus was the king of gods in Greek mythology. God of lightning and ruler of the sky

How did Zeus?

That isn't really a question :), but if you mean how he was born then he was the son of Cronos and Rhea, with his brothers and sisters, Hades, Posiden, Hestia, Demeter, and Hera.

Were Zeus and Aphrodite lovers?

Both Zeus and Aphrodite were prolific paramours, however I can recall no instance of them ever getting together.. Addition :. There is one story, though, that Zeus made advances, was turned down and as a revenge ordered Aphrodite to be married to the ugliest of the gods, Hephaestus.

Who does Zeus answer to?

The Fates, because all gods and goddesses cannot control destiny they could stall it but not prevent what is destined to be. It's said that the only reason why Zeus isn't completely omnipotent is because of the Fates

I am a daughter of Oceanus and one of Zeus' lovers?

Asterope : mother of Akragas by Zeus, eponymous king of the town. Dione: mother of Aphrodite and Dionysus. Eurynome: mother of the river god Asopus, and the Charities by Zeus. Metis: "Mother" of Athena, by Zeus who swallowed her. Nemesis: Helene, by Zeus (an allegorical tradition that ( Full Answer )

Can i get a lover?

Yes, just wait he or she will come to you. Answer improved by: Basketballrachel. p.s. don't kill yourself, that other person was just being a weirdo.

Who is the lover of Lelouch?

Lelouch and Shirley were something of an "almost official couple"after the events of R2 episode 12. He also had affectionate sceneswith C.C. and Kallen but was never in any kind of declaredrelationship of such a type with them. In C.C.'s case, both herselfand the creator have stated it isn't love. I ( Full Answer )

Who is Cleopatra's lover?

We only know of Cleopatra having two lover, Julius Caesar and Marc Antony. Any others are not recorded.

Who has sung the song lover lover?

"You Don't Treat Me No Good No More", or as we now know it, "Lover, Lover" was performed by Sonia Dada in 2000.

Why were Zeus and Demeter lovers?

Zeus and Demeter were not lovers. Demeter bore a daughter by Zeus named Persephone (Kore), however Zeus married his other sister, Hera. (Note that Zeus mated with many other goddesses and mortals, not just his lover and Demeter)

How do you get to Zeus?

Beyond the last star. Beyond the last galaxy. Where no mortal can see or be. *Another way to "find" Zeus of course is to read all the old greek myths. For many people they hold incredible meaning even today and the gods are truly multi-dimensional characters. (For the Poptropica character, see ( Full Answer )

What are the lyrics to lover lover?

Well the truth, well it hurts to say I'm gonna pack up my bags and I'm gonna go away I'm gonna split, I can't stand it I'm gonna give it up and quit and ain't never coming back Girl but before I get to going, I've got to say, I know you used to love me but that was yesterday, And the tr ( Full Answer )

Who were Nyx's lovers?

Erebos, the primal god of darkness was her consort, and Chronus a deity of time are said sometimes to be her lover. However, many of her children she produced alone.

What is a lovers quarrel?

A lovers quarrel is when both people really love each other but end up in an argument. Tempers may flare and words that should never be said are, but later when things calm down the couple are still in love. They saying making up is great!

What is man as lover?

he is the one who give u a feeling of fall in love with his,u can get such feeling as cares ,happy ,sad or other moods.totally means everything every mood of yours is concentrate on him.and you will fell sad without his accompany ,you will feel sad for his anger,you will feel happy for his sweet wor ( Full Answer )

What did Zeus have to do?

He was the king of the gods. He had to make sure no overthrows him, the monsters don't eat the humans, the titans don't appear again, he has to make sure the sky doesn't fall down because Atlas was to lazy to hold it up, he also has to keep on making plans on luring his bossy sister/wife away from M ( Full Answer )

What is a scorned lover?

ANSWER: A scorned lover is a person who had affair with married or single person who got dump by this person. So in return this scorned person especially a woman will become angry, will do everything to destroy or make troubles to the person this time I will put the wife because the married man s ( Full Answer )

What does Zeus do?

Zues is the leader of gods. He is the god of gods in greek mythology. He has all of the powers. He is god of lightning,thunder,water, and any other material on earth.

Who was artimis lover?

Artemis was once in love, but her "lover", Orion, was slain by her twin brother Apollo because Apollo was very protective of her maidenhood.

Who is lover of Zeus?

Zeus had many one time lovers but Hera is technically his wife and lover. Zeus is known for being a terrible cheat.

Who was Antigone's lover?

Antigone was (engaged to?) Haemon, Creon's son, which is why he was so upset when she died.

Why did Zeus?

Zeus Zeus was born in 700 BC. He became the Greek God of heaven and earth by picking straws with his siblings. He got the shorter one. When he was born, his father tried to eat him but his mother switched him with a rock and he survived. Zeus was raised by his grandparents and when he was 20 h ( Full Answer )

Who are Poseidon's lovers?

Poseidon had many lovers just like his brother Zeus. Poseiden, as like Zeus and other head Gods, had many lovers. Non were good enough to marry because they were either human or immortal lovers to another God.

Where did of Zeus?

Zeus was born from Cronos. He was hidden by Rhea to train him to overthrow his father. FYI: Cronos swallowed all of his babies to ensure they didn't overthrow him

What is A Lickpenny Lover about?

What is the setting of the story. What is the conflict. What is the point of view from which the story is told.

What is the gender of lover?

The noun 'lover' can be male or female: Please see the related link listed below for more information:

Where can Zeus from?

Since his father,Cronus,ate all of his children Rhea Zeus's mother fed Cronus a rock,and Rhea hid Zeus away on a island.