Korean War

Who were allies with the US during the Korean war?


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see website: Korean War for the list.

No report anyone in the US starved during th Korean war.

The US was the primary combatant of the Korean War.

The US/Allies fought the communists to a stand still.

The American general during the korean war was Douglas Mcarthur.

The Korean War was the FIRST test of communist aggression. The communists learned that the US and it's allies WOULD FIGHT to contain communism.

The US/Allies had stopped the communists at the 38th Parallel.

The US contributed the most troops and material during the Korean War .

The US was in Korea as a member of the United Nations and many other members were allies including the British Commonwealth and Turkey. "South Korea" answer for A+

Over 100,000 US Servicemen were wounded in the Korean War.

Dwight D. Eisenhower was president of the US during the Korean war

The communists were STOPPED during the Korean War. The communists won during the Vietnam War. The impact on the US, is that that was part of the Cold War; and the Cold War ended in 1990.

During the Korean War, approximately 555 US Corsairs were destroyed, to all causes.

The Korean War was the first officially intregated US war. It was also the newly formed US Air Force's FIRST war.

The Korean War (1950-1953) directly influenced US Presidents from (not) invading North Vietnam during the Vietnam War. The invasion of NORTH Korea during the Korean War, led directly to Red China's entrance into the Korean War.

There was several countries that became an ally of the US during the Korean War. Some of those countries were, South Korea, Canada, the United Kingdom, and France.

US forces participated in almost all the battles in Korea during thw war...

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