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Claude Monets parents were Claude-Adolphe and

Louise-Justine Aubree Monet.

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What are Claude Monet's parents names?

Louise- Justine Monet and Claude Adolph Monet

Is claude monet Italian?

He was born November 15, 1840 in Paris. Claude Monet is French. His parents are second generation Parisians.

Who were Monet's parents?

Father was Claude Adolphe Monet Mother was Louise Justine Aubree Monet

Did Claude Monet have siblings?

Claude Monet had an older brother called Travis Claude Monet

How old was Leon Monet when Claude Monet was born?

Léon Monet, Claude Monet's grandfather, was eighty when Claude Monet was born.

Who is Claude-Adolphe Monet?

Claude-Adolphe Monet is Claude Monet's father. Claude Monet is the famous impressionist painter.

Why did Claude Monet move to Le Havre in 1845?

He had to move with his parents.

What was Claude Monet known for?

claude monet was known for art

What were claude monets parents called?

his mothers name was louise-justine aubree monet and his fathers name was adolphe monet

How many siblings did Claude Monet have?

Claude Monet had one brother.

What is the birth name of Claude Monet?

Claude Monet's birth name is Claude Oscar Monet.

Was Claude Monet a smoker?

Claude Monet was a chain-smoker.

Claude monets brother?

The artist Claude Monet had an older brother named Leon. Until 1851, Claude lived in Paris with his parents and brother.

When was Claude Monet born?

Claude Monet was born on November 14, 1840.

What artistic style is Claude Monet associated with?

Claude Monet started Impressionism.

What did Claude Monet like to paint?

Claude Monet liked to paint landscapes.

Why was Claude Monet so famous?

Claude monet was famous because he was a painter

Is Claude Monet aborignal?

Claude Monet was a French painter 1840-1926.

What was claude monet full name?

His full name is Oscar Claude Monet.

Who did Claude Monet hang out with?

claude monet hang out with is camille stephanie cowell

What kind of artists is Claude Monet?

Claude Monet is considered the father of Impressionism.

Who were Claude Monet's parents?

Claude Monet's dad was Claude-Adolphe and Claude Monet's mother was Louise-Justine Aubrée Monet. Claude's father ran a grocery business.

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