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IMPORTANT PEOPLE Adolf Eichman Eichman was a lieutenant colonel in the Gestapo. Being such an important man as he was, Eichman was in charge of taking people to concentration camps. Eichman had a plan to create

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Q: Who were five most important people during the Holocaust?
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Who were the five most important Jewish people in the Holocaust?

Anne Frank was one. Other well known Jews include: Elie Wiesel and Primo Levi. They may have become well known after the Holocaust, but they were not during the Holocaust. Important Jewish people in the Holocaust include: Mordechai Rumkowski Adam Czerniakow Rudolf Vrba and Alfred Wetzler and especially Emanuel Ringelblum.

Who were the five million others during the Holocaust?

Gypsies, disabled people, homosxuals, and anyone else who Hitler thought were no use to him

How did Germans cover the Holocaust during Olympics?

There were no Olympic Games held at the time of the Holocaust. What you are probably thinking of is the Berlin Olympics, five years before the Holocaust.

What are four ways people were killed during the holocaust?

Five ways the jewish were killed in the holocaust: 1. Gas chambers 2. Burned alive 3. Shot 4. Starved 5. Beaten to death

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Five sentence paragraph about the Holocaust?

people was getting killed by the jewsconditions were getting worse

What is the worlds reaction to the Holocaust today?

The world believes that the Holocaust is one of the greatest tragedies that has ever occurred. It resulted in the death of six million Jewish people, and another five million people who were also murdered in the camps.

What were the main five countries that Jews were murdered in during the Holocaust?

Using present day frontiers:PolandUkraineBelarusGermanyLithuania

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What is the five types of holocaust camps?

camps were seperated

List five famous men who were rescuers during the Holocaust?

wow guys. can't you ask someone else in your whitewater middle school class?

What are five important historical happenings during the puritan time?

Salem which trials is one

How many Jews and non Jew died in the holocaust?

Six million Jews were murdered in the Holocaust. Five million gentiles were murdered in the Holocaust. That's eleven million cold-blooded murders.

What did the axis power have to do with the Holocaust of World War 2?

Hitler and the Nazis were responsible for the killing of the six million Jews and five million people they considered "undesirable".

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Five major events during World War 2 include: The Holocaust D-Day Bombing of Pearl Harbor Battle of Britain Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Battle of the Bulge

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The most important books are the five books written in the Bible known as the Torah. These five books are Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.

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How many non-jewish civilians were killed in the Holocaust?

Right now, it is a estimate of five-million non-Jewish civilians that were killed in the Holocaust. People are searching for further evidence to determine a better estimate of how many was really killed, but the real number will never be known.

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