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Who were mothers in The Bible?

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A few mothers in The Bible were Eve, Sarah, Mary(Jesus' mother), Bathsheba,

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What has the author Laura Merrihew Adams written?

Laura Merrihew Adams has written: 'Mothers' -- subject(s): Bible, Biography, Mothers, Mothers in the Bible

What does the Bible say about motherhood?

The bible says not to have sex, it is very against mothers.

What the bible says about mothers?

love and respect them

How many mothers were in the bible?

There are 188 female names in the Bible, so most of them were probably mothers, right? And then of course you have to consider the certainty of there being multiple women with the same name.

What was god mothers maiden name in the Bible?

Leona lewis:)

Does the Bible mention Moses's mothers name?

Yes, it was Miriam

Who was the first trader in the bible and what was his mothers name?

the answer was adan and eda

How much is a 1892 bible worth?

I have an 1892 bible that belonged to my mothers great great grandmother . how much is it worth?

What did Jamie give landon as a Christmas gift?

Jamie gave Landon her mothers bible/ the bible she always carries with her.

How many verses in the bible contain the word mother?

The word "mother" or "mothers" appears in the Bible almost 300 times

Biblical verses about mothers?

A verse in the bible concerning mothers is. You must honour your father and mother so that you may live long on this earth.

What was Moses' mother called from the Bible?

MOSES Mothers name is jochebed

Who were the parents of the twelve apostles?

The bible does not mention the father or the mothers of the 12 apostles.

Are there any Bible verses that pay tribute to mothers?

Have a look at Proverbs 31.

What was king saul's mothers name and where can i find that in the kjv of the bible?

Her name is not recorded.

Who was the youngest prophet in the bible?

According to the bible Jeremiah was chosen before he was born, and was in his mothers womb, but Samuel was chosen as a prophet when he was a small boy.

Who was the 2 oldest mothers in age in the Bible?

Sarah lived to be 110 and Ima lived to be 108

What was the name of Jeremiah's mother?

The Bible does not give us the name of Jeremiah the prophet's mothers name.

What was Orpha's and Ruth's mothers in law?

The bible says the mother in law of Ruth and Orpha was Naomi.

Who is kyle birkhauser?

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Who are some famous mothers in the Bible?

Mary - mother of JesusElizabeth - mother of John the BaptistHannah - mother of Samuel

Where in the Bible does it say that John the Baptist and Jesus Christ are related?

Their relationship is implied by statements involving the fact that their mothers are cousins.

Did mothers eat their children in the Bible?

Tragically, yes. See Deuteronomy 28:56, 57 and Lamentations 4:10.

Where in the Bible are there different fathers and mothers within a family?

Perhaps it began with Abram/Abraham but the story of Jacob/Israel is best known.

How many women are mentioned in the Bible?

There are many, many women mentioned in the Bible; too numerous to list. But to give you an idea, there were about 20 kings reigning in Judah and all but two of their mothers are mentioned by name.

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