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Who were people from Ohio during the Revolutionary War?


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There were none, since Ohio didn't exist during the Revolutionary War.


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People were neutral during the revolutionary war because they wanted to be free of the government. They also did not want to be included in any part of the war.

Life was scary for a child during the Revolutionary War. The nation was at war, and it affected everyone, from towns people to farmers.

During the Revolutionary War, what did traitors do?

The unintended consequences for the American people during the revolutionary war was to lose lives. They did not expect to lose lives in their struggle.

Xavier Cathedral cemetery was the burial place for people who died in the Battle of Vincennes during the Revolutionary War. Yorktown (Virginia) was the scene of a battle during the Revolutionary War.

In the Revolutionary War people used guns to fight against eachother.

No he did not portray during the Revolutionary War.

Some people were imprisoned for being loyalists during the Revolutionary War. Most of then were put in jail for actually helping the British.

they were the people who rebelled against the British

what kind of stupid question is this

During the Revolutionary war there were two sides the

Sometimes people watched or saw battles during the Revolutionary War. This is because the battles were often fought on the home front, right by peoples' homes.

WELL many diseases killed people in the revolutionary war so I suggest do not go this website... kay.

John Allen, American Revolutionary War hero, killed in action during battle.

About 25,000 Americans died in the Revolutionary War.

There were 13 colonies during the Revolutionary War. After the Revolutionary War, they became the original 13 United States of America.

she was a sculptor and a spy during the revolutionary war. she was a sculptor and a spy during the revolutionary war.

so the patirots could past to fight in the american revolutionary war

Yes, people were in the revolutionary war. This is not a question.

I recheard this and learned he did but she got killed by the war people ...

During the Revolutionary War, the Continental Congress had no direct taxing power. Money for the war had to collected from the governments of the 13 individual colonies.

Xavier Cathedral in Vincennes, Indiana is a Revolutionary War word. People who died in the Battle of Vincennes during the Revolutionary War were buried in the cemetery at Xavier Cathedral.

...No. The Revolutionary War was in the 1700s. The TV was invented in the 1900s.

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