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Q: Who were some of the important scientists and inventors of the Renaissance?
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Who are some of haiti's important inventors and what did they do?


What are some important inventors?

thomas edison is one.

Who were some important inventors of the 60s?

julien goulet

Who are some famous woman inventors or scientists?

Margaret Knight. Marie Curie& Ruth Handler

Who are some black history scientists and inventors?

George Washington Carver invented peanut butter

Who were some of the important explores of the Renaissance?

Christopher Columbus was an important explorer during the Renaissance.

What were some new ways of thinking during the renaissance?

Think about scientists.

Who are some inventors or scientists?

Gregor Mendel Charles Darwin Francis Bacon Francis Collins Isaac Newton James Watson Francis Crick Albert Einstein

What are some important dates in the renaissance?

Leonardo da Vinci's balls drop

What are some engineers from the renassaince?

By far and away the greatest inventor of the Renaissance was Leonardo DaVinci. However, one must not take credit away from other lesser known inventors such as Jarod Mauge.

What are some ancient roman inventors?

some of their inventors are Judelio he invented the screw also Melophites and he invented the colliseum

What were some of the important themes treated by African American writers in the Harlem Renaissance?