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Who were some pioneers of punk rock?

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Answer Richard hell and the voidoids
  • The Ramones
  • The Sex Pistols
  • The Stranglers
  • The Clash
  • The Stooges
  • The MC5

Those are all pioneers of Punk Rock. Below are some pioneers of Hardcore Punk.

  • The Dead Kennedys
  • The Misfits
  • Black Flag
  • Minor Threat
  • Social Distortion
  • The Adolescents

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What kind of band is green day?

their early music was punk rock now it is like pop rock or pop punk Their genre is punk rock but some of their songs have the pop punk style.

What is the difference between rock and punk?

Punk is a type of rock that is more simplistic than most rock and faster than some.

What are some punk song names?

the casualties-punk rock love,punx unite the ramones-sheena is a punk rocker,judy is a punk

What are some good punk rock bands?

I'll give you some options: Way early punk rock: The Stooges Television MC5 Captain Beefheart Early punk rock: Ramones Dead Kennedys Clash Misfits Black Flag 90's punk rock: NOFX Rancid Lagwagon Descendents

Is green day a punk rock band?

Yes, they are either considered Punk Rock or Alternative Rock. this answers is righ except for one part they dont do alternative rock they only do punk rock.DUH!!!! They do a bit of both accually. they are mostly punk but on some albums they are classified as alternative punk. they are mostly punk in earlier albums like dookie and nimrod.

Is the damned punk rock?

yes The Damned is punk rock punk rock was out in 1977 or late 70's

Is green day an emo band?

Green Day: 1990 - Punk/Rock 1992 - Punk/Rock 1994 - PUNK! 1995 - punk1997 - Same as 1995 2000 - Punk/Rock 2002 - Rock/Punk 2004 - alterantive 2009 - alternative/pop punk!no

What is the differences between punk rock picnic and punk rock gig?

There is no difference really, between a punk rock picnic and a punk rock gig. Both of them are punk rock festivals, which means that there is lots of people coming to see it, bands performing live, people having fun, etc. The only difference might be that, at a punk rock picnic, there are some areas where people can sit and eat, whereas at a punk rock gig you can still eat, but you mostly stand up and do the pogo/moshing dance with the crowd, so that can be the only difference.

Is green day a rock band or a punk band or neither?

They are punk rock, alternative rock, pop punk, rock, garage rock, new wave, and heavy metal.

Who is the god of punk rock Punk rock has no god.?

Sid vicious

Where did country punk rock come from?

Punk rock originated in England.

What is punk rock picnic?

Punk rock picnic is basically a punk festival, where punks come to have fun.

Is The Offspring a punk rock band?

They could be considered punk rock, but are really more pop punk.

How do you say punk in German?

Punk, as in Punk Rock, is also Punk in German.

Is green day punk rock or just a rock band?

Rock. definitely rock and just punk. Just rock

Are the Gorillaz Punk Rock?

They are electronic, alternative rock, hip-hop, punk, psychedelic rock and rap rock.

What genre is Hawthorne Heights?

Some songs are Punk Rock and some are Alternative

When was The Punk Rock Movie created?

The Punk Rock Movie was created in 1978.

When was Punk Rock Payroll created?

Punk Rock Payroll was created in 2003.

When was Punk Rock Is Dead created?

Punk Rock Is Dead was created in 2005.

When was Punk Rock Songs created?

Punk Rock Songs was created in 1994.

What type of music does green day do?

Most of the hit singles are pop-punk, most of their other songs are punk rock or some are pop-punk. All their music can simply be called alternative, indie, or rock.

Why was punk rock created?

Punk Rock was created to show society that some people in this world were misunderstood. To show society that we need freedom and to show that we're angry.

What are the main features of punk rock music?

Some main features of Punk Rock it is Fast, "Hard Edged" , "Stripped Down" Instrumentation and Short songs and lyrics.

What are some good school appropriate punk rock girl bands?

The "school appropriate punk rock girl band is "Care Bears on Fire" and they are really awesome!