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Q: Who were some well known people of the Shang Dynasty?
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The Shang Dynasty followed which dynasty?

The Shang Dynasty was believed to be after the Xia Dynasty, according to some sources.

What were some artifacts from the Shang Dynasty?

some artifacts fro the shang dynasty were oracle bones and chariots.

What Were Some Of The Gifts Left To The World From The Shang Dynasty?

The Gifts Left From The Shang Dynasty Were The Jewelry and the Weapons Left There.

What are some Major events in the Shang Dynasty?


Facts about the shang dynasty?

Like the Xia Dynasty, the Shang Dynasty was once thought to be only a myth or legend.Unlike the Xia Dynasty, which is still being heavily debated, the Shang Dynasty is now considered by all historians as a true dynasty.Because some historian do not consider the Xia Dynasty a true dynasty, the Shang Dynasty is often called the first true Chinese dynasty.Hope I helped....

What are some ancient China dynasties?

Some dynasties are: The Qin dynasty The Shang dynasty The Wei dynasty The Han dynasty The Chu dynasty The Yan dynasty

What is shang accomplishment?

Shang accomplishments are accomplishment achieved during the Shang Dynasty, also known as the Yin Dynasty (1600 BC-1046 BC). Some Shang accomplishments are: 1. Pottery. 2. Bronze castings. 3. Jade carvings. 4. War chariots. 5. Writing system.

What are some of the things that happened during the Chinese Shang Dynasty?

The Shang dynasty was originally a tribe living near the Yellow River during the Xia dynasty. The Shang dynasty was started by King Tang, who led a successful revolt against the Xia dynasty in 1675 B.C.

What are some achievements of the Zhou dynasty?

One achievement the Zhou dynasty made waz taking over the Shang dynasty.

What was some of the inventions that Shang Dynasty invented?

paper,ink,and gunpowder

What were some important contributions of the Shang Dynasty?

The printing press. A+LS :)

What are some of the Zhou dynasty achievements?

the Zhou dynasty overthrew the Shang dynasty. they also lasted longer than and other dynasty in Chinese history.

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