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Who were the 1990 state of origin team members?

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What team won the Israel State cup in 1990?

The team that won the Israel State cup in 1990 was Hapoel Kfar-Saba.

Why is state of origin called state of origin?

Becuase the players of the Blues players actually originate form NSW, likewise with the opposing team

Which team won the Rugby League State of Origin this year?

Qld wont he last state of origin for the 4th or 5th time ina row 2009.

What is New South Wales state of origin rugby league team called?

The Blues

Who were the Support Team Members on the 1990 Mt Everest Peace Climb?

Ian Wade Ed viesturs

A club has 60 male members and 50 female members if the club is to have a contest where there are all male teams competing what is the most members a team can have?

The most members a team can have is 30 members to give them an even amount of team members.

What college football team has the most wins during the 1990's?

The college football team that had the most wins during the 1990's was, Florida State.

Who was the quarterback for the 1990 Florida State University football team?

Casey Weldon

How many girls can be on a cheerleading team?

USASF rules state that no more than 36 members may be on a team

Is Scott prince in the Queensland state of origin team?

Scott Prince was not selected for the first Origin game, got a late call-up for the Queensland side in the second, and then broke his arm 15 minutes into the third State of Origin game, 2008.

What is Mercury madness?

a maded state cused by mercury common in haters and origin of the team mad as a hater

Where can you find the 1995 Ohio state buckeyes basketball team roster on the web?

You can find Buckeys team rosters dating back to 1990 on

Why are team members important in basketball?

team members are important in basketball because how can a basketball game be played without any players and that players are the team members

Number of team members for 2008 olympic colombia team?

68 total 2008 olympic team members

What are 5 members of the sports medicine team?

What are 5 members of the sports medicine team?

How many members are on a snowboarding team?

There are 18 members on the Olympic winter 2010 team

How many members in ahocky team?

A field hockey team consists of 11 members

How many members in a hocky team?

A field hockey team consists of 11 members

Do they always play all 3 matches at state of origin?

Yes even if a team has already won two they still play it.

What team won the Serie A in 1990?

The team that won the Italian Serie A in 1990 was SSC Napoli.

What team won the Coppa Italia in 1990?

The team that won the Coppa Italia in 1990 was AS Roma.

How many people are on a baton team?

For teams competing in NBTA events, a team must have a minimum of 4 members. A small team is 4-8 members... a large team is 9 or more members.

Which team sport has the fewest members on a team?


Which team in the Olympics have the most team members?

Team gb

What college football team had the most wins in the 90's?

Florida State had the most wins from 1990 to 1999.