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Who were the 2 countries who helped America in the Revolutionary War?


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i know that one of them was the french

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the Indians helped them cause they wanted the land to so they fought with them

Multiple Countries helped the patriots win in the Revolutionary War. Mostly France helped.

The two main countries fighting in the Revolutionary War were England and America.

France helped the Colonists. The Germans helped the British.

France helped America during the Revolutionary War because the French were already at war with the British. France and America worked side by side so they could drive the English out. America and France were allies.

The Americans won the revolutionary war in America.

America did win their Revolutionary War, or what is called "the War of Independence".

he was a general in the revolutionary war.

After the Revolutionary War America won freedom from Britain.

Pretty easy , she helped out in the war but she was not in the Revolutionary War.

Without France America would've never achieved its independence.

Britain did not help America win the Revolutionary War.

The battle of Yorktown ended the Revolutionary war.

Which war, the USA has been in a lot of war from the Revolution to Afganistan and Iraq.

The Newburgh Mutiny helped established compensation for soldiers after the Revolutionary War.

Other countries hated the two countries that were fighting the war, so they decided to aid whoever was fighting it... Britain or America...

he helped the revolutionary war by his famous speech and quote

Someone who did not support either side in the Revolutionary War

Some other names for the Revolutionary War were:The War for IndependenceThe American RevolutionThe American Revolution is most often the name used by other countries. They cannot refer to it as the 'US Revolutionary War' because 'The United States of America' did not exist until after the Revolutionary War. But references to "The American Revolution" seems odd to US residents because (to us) "America" refers to "North America", the continent.

No one helped support britain. They had supporters from inside their homeland but no other countries supported.

They helped us fight, so it was 2 countries vs 1.

Revolutionary War helped prepare the colonists for the war for independence.

There are both very important to America. But The Revolutionary I think is a little more important because it started America, but the civil war almost ended America and did for a few years but the Revolutionary War is more important

The Revolutionary War was fought between the British and their colonies in America.

The Thirteen Colonies (America) beat Britain in the Revolutionary War.

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