Who were the Armenian people and why were they targeted?

The Armenians were a Christian people living in the predominantly Muslim Ottoman (Turkish) Empire. About half of them lived in Eastern Anatolia, where they were mainly smallscale farmers. Some of the other Armenians were clustered in the main cities of Turkey in Europe, especially Istanbul. It is said that these urban Armenians did many of the jobs that a reasonable level of education and were better off than most Turks (and envied). The Armenians were a very 'easy' target for politicians looking for scapegoats. In some respects there were similarities between the Armenians in Turkey in c. 1894-1922 and the Jews in Germany in 1920s, but one shouldn't make too much of this. In 1915, during WW1, some Turkish nationalists, such as Talaat, claimed that a number of Armenian units had changed sides and gone over to the Russians as fewllow Christians. Talaat Pasha (and others) thereupon unleaashed the Armenian Holocaust. It is prefectly clear that there had been some planning beforehand.

Also, there are many people in Turkey denied that the genocide of the Armenian people existed. Also, the US was advised of this genocide by the US ambassador to Turkey, Henry Lowenthal.