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John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr
The Beatles were the most amazing rock band ever(and yes that is a fact) from Liverpool, England and are the most critically acclaimed recording act in the history of popular music. The band's members were:

  • John Lennon (John Winston Ono Lennon), born October 9, 1940 and was murdered on December 8, 1980 - Vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards, harmonica and songwriter.
  • Paul McCartney (James Paul McCartney), born on June 18, 1942 - Vocals, bass guitar, guitar, keyboards, and songwriter.
  • George Harrison, born on February 25, 1943 and died of cancer on November 29, 2001 - Vocals, lead guitar, sitar and songwriter.
  • Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey), born on July 7, 1940 - Vocals and drums.

The Beatles disbanded in 1970. All four went on to further successful careers in music, movies, production, etc.

Early members of the Beatles included Stu Sutcliffe (June 23, 1940 - April 10, 1962; bass guitar) and Pete Best (born November 24, 1941; drums).

There are frequent references to a "Fifth Beatle", the most obvious and probably top of the list being their producer, Sir George Martin, another being longtime road manager, personal assistant, and CEO of Apple, the late Neil Aspinall.

Drummer Jimmy Nicol filled in for Ringo Starr for a few tour dates, but was never an official member of the group. Billy Preston played with them on Let It Be, but was not a permanent member.
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What did The Beatles do?

Become one of the most popular bands ever and make some of the best and most well known songs in the history of music.

How did The Beatles form?

John Lennon formed the group 'The Quarrymen' when he was a teenager. Paul McCartney and George Harrison eventually joined. In the 1960's they changed their name to the Beatles.

Where did The Beatles perform?

Their most famous concert was probably at Shea Stadium. But after the album Revolver, they didn't want to go on tour and just stuck with being a studio band. All over the world. The Cavern Club The Ed Sullivan Show Shea Stadium Budokan Stadium Abbey Road Studios Abbey Road Rooftop Superbowl (dunno ( Full Answer )

How did The Beatles get famous?

I don't know this for sure but, I like the beatles a lot so I think I know how the got famous. The would preform at bars and restaurants and stuff. I think that their manager was at the place they were playing one night and thought they were really good so he decided to give them a record deal. I ho ( Full Answer )

When did the Beatles breakup?

they broke up in 1970 . That same year each of the four band members released a solo album.

Why were The Beatles signed?

George Martin, staff producer for Parlophone Records, had been looking for a pop group to record, to expand Parlophone's repertoire. (Most of their records up to that time were classical or regional music, original-cast albums of stage shows, or comedy records with Peter Sellers, Spike Milligan or P ( Full Answer )

What Beatles album is From Me To You from?

That's a REALLY good question....somewhat difficult to research. However, here's the answer: It was released only as a single in the US on VeeJay (they had the rights BEFORE Capitol Records. BUT, for some reason it was never included on the Vee Jay 'Introducing the Beatles' album in the Us. It ( Full Answer )

Are The Beatles awesome?

Indeed!\nThey influenced everybody of their time and of ours.\nIf you notice the songs that came after the Alice and Wonderland inspiration, more songs came out with influence on books and poems and movies and other whatnot!\n. \nIt was will power that got them to be as far as they were.

Which Beatle was the Walrus?

John Lennon was the Walrus, though apparently Ringo Starr wore the walrus costume for the Magical Mystery Tour film shoot. "The Walrus was Paul" was a phony clue, sung by John Lennon as a joke in "Glass Onion". Lennon's later song "God" included the lyrics "I was the Walrus, but now I'm John".

Who hated The Beatles?

Pop did. Allan Sherman said so.. The Velvet Underground also thought of themselves as the "Anti-Beatles".

Which of the Beatles had a mustache?

When the Beatles first rose to fame in the 60's none of them had a mustache. In 1967, Paul had an accident on a scooter and chipped a tooth - to hide the chip, he grew a moustache. All the other Beatles copied him, as well as their two road managers (Mal and Neil). As someone said at the time; "they ( Full Answer )

Are The Beatles dead?

John was assassinated in 1980 by Mark David Chapman, and George died from cancer. Paul and Ringo are still alive and still playing music. Back in the days of the Beatles there were rumors going around that Paul was dead. Rumors started from the song "Strawberry Fields" at the end of the song, Len ( Full Answer )

Was Beatles for sale a Beatles album?

Yes it was. Beatles For Sale was their 4th album in the UK. In the USA, eight of its tracks appeared on the Beatles'65 album and six more on Beatles VI .

What was the beatles?

The Beatles was a british band from the 60s or 70s. famous songs were twist and shout, yellow submarine.

Does The Beatles have a legacy?

yes. they were very famouse in the 60's, so i would say they have quite the legacy. you just have to look them up.

How did The Beatles sing?

By exhaling while vibrating their vocal cords and manipulating their mouth and tongue according to a preset rhythmic pattern. By how did they sing; they sang happy and joyful songs with great beat, and at times slow and heartwarming songs you could dance to!

Are The Beatles horrible?

NO, the beetles are not horrible! there just writting songs i mean i bet there better than some people:) ps:my dad loves the beetles so if u don't like the beetles than you are just crazy because in my opinion there are some songs that i like better than others, my opinion is that the beetles are so ( Full Answer )

Were The Beatles in the 1950s?

Yes but they were not famous and they spent a lot of the time under the name of the Quarrymen.

What are the faults of the beatles?

Mussicly, they had litterally no faults. However, John and Paul often disputed who was the 'main Beatle' or the 'Band Leader' (neither) Also, after John Lennon met Yoko Ono, they were litterally never apart from each other-- ruining the Beatles.

What are the titles of the beatles?

There are many Beatles albums, some are compilations of certain songs such as the '1' album which is comrpised of 27 of the Beatles number 1 hits and the Anthology albums which contain rare unpublished songs as well as their most memorable hits. Below is a link to the Beatles complete discogrophy. ( Full Answer )

How were The Beatles rebels?

The Beatles were rebels in their fashion sense, namely their hair styles. In America during the 1960's, young men wore their hair short. Anything long was considered rebellious. The longer style was popular across Europe, especially in Germany, which is where the Beatles received their hair style. L ( Full Answer )

Who is the bassist of The Beatles?

Paul was the official bassist - his Hofner violin bass is a veryiconic instrument. Occasionally George would play bass. StuSutcliffe was the original bassist, however, as Paul played rhythmguitar and even at one stage the drums for the band.

Who was the Beatle that never was?

I belive you are reffering to Pete Best. Back when the Beatles were not even twenty, one John, Paul, and George were in the band. Eventually, they got a drummer-Pete Best. On a tour in Hamburg, they met Richard Starkey (Ringo Starr) who was playing with a different Band at the time. After a while, ( Full Answer )

Can there be Poptropica The Beatles?

There could be but most likely not. The Poptropica owners would have to get a copyright contract from The Beatles manager. That's a LOT of hassle.

Who are the next Beatles?

There will never be a 'next Beatles' Not because no one will ever have the talent to match the Beatles, but having a 'next Beatles' would completely contradict itself in nature The whole draw of the Beatles was that they were different ; breaking new ground and stirring up the rock'n'roll mov ( Full Answer )

How are The Beatles leaders?

Well, two of them are dead ( John Lennon- 1980, shot dead by a crazy man and George Harrison in 2001 from cancer) However, Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney are both well and touring still.

Do beatles have a exoskeleton?

Well, I'm assuming you mean the insect 'beetles' not 'Beatles' the 60's pop group :D but yes, the insect beetles have exoskletons.

What accoplishments did The Beatles have?

The Beatles's main accomplishment was changing rock history forever. They were also one of the world's most well known, popular, and influential rock bands. .

Who are the menbers of The Beatles?

The principle members were John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr (real name, Ritchie Starkey). Former members were Stuart Sutcliffe (bass guitar) and Pete Best (drums). There were several other people who played the odd gig with the band in their early days.

What did The Beatles stand for?

The name "Beatles" stood for both the insect, and the beat of their music. The name was inspired in part by Buddy Holly's Crickets. The band themselves stood for peace, love and understanding.

Who is the funniest beatle?

Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey) but it is your point of view. Pick any one of the Beatles. This is just my very own point of view.

When did with The Beatles come out?

Well, they came out in 1964 at their first apperance at the Ed Sullivan Show, brodcasted in front of 76 million people! * Added: I assume the question refers to the album "With the Beatles," which was released Nov. 22, 1963, on Parlophone in England.

Which Beatles are which?

Paul is the one with the very small mouth and general baby face John is the one who sings most of the songs George plays huge guitars Ringo has a big nose

Were the Beatles sexy?

No-one can give an answer to that, it's up to individual opinion-certainly many of their female fans thought that they were, butothers appreciated them more for their music than for their looks.It's a matter of individual opinion.

When were The Beatles famous?

the beatles were famous throughout the 60's, but they were at their peak (aka Beatlemania) in 1964, 65 and 66. mainly when they were still touring.

What was The Beatles lifestyle?

their lifestyle is hard to describe but it is as shown in films 'Help!' & 'A hard days night'

Who did the Beatles tour with?

Their first "tour" was with Johnny Gentle. Probably their most influential co-tourist was Roy Orbison - who the Beatles greatly admired and were rather embarrassed to replace as top of the bill when their record went to number 1. McCartney recalled Orbison playing Pretty Woman to them and Lennon a ( Full Answer )

Where did The Beatles get married?

John Lennon married his first wife, Cynthia Powell, at Mount Pleasant Register Office in Liverpool, England. John married his second wife, Yoko Ono, in Gibraltar. . Paul McCartney married his first wife, Linda Eastman, at Marylebone Registry Office in London, England. He married his second wife, ( Full Answer )

When did The Beatles get notice?

The Beatles were recognized in 1962 by their manager, Brian Epstein; the world had previously heard their recording of "My Bonnie" with Tony Sherdian (as lead vocals) in about 1959. The world recognized them in 1963, with their song "Please Please Me".

How were The Beatles found?

when they were playing their gig in the cavern, store owner brian epstien went in and saw them play asked them if they wanted him to be their manager, and when they agreed,he started gettin gigs and made them famous. it was a very complicated process much longer but that is pretty much all you'll ne ( Full Answer )

Why did The Beatles happen?

A music store manager named Brian Epstein gave them a record deal, and later became their manager.

Which beatle was in the Wiggs?

I assume that what you meant to say was "Which Beatles was in the Wings?". If this was your intended question, then the answer is Paul McCartney, who started the band.

Who are the founders of beatles?

John Lennon was the founder; he went to school with Paul McCartney, and George Harrison was the younger brother of McCartney's friend. Rongo Starr didn't join until 1962; the Beatles started in 1957.

Does the beatles know about the beatles cartoon?

Yes, they knew about the cartoon: They signed the contract with King Features Syndicate that licensed their likenesses for it. The band didn't care for the cartoon that eventually came out, but allowed King Features to produce the cartoon movie Yellow Submarine . (They owed United Artists one more ( Full Answer )

What instruments did The Beatles have?

In the Beatles songs, Ringo played drums, and also some other percussion instruments. George played lead guitar. John played rhythm guitar, sometimes piano. Paul played bass guitar and sometimes piano. Ringo also played a bit of guitar and piano. George also played a bit of piano. John played mor ( Full Answer )

When were the beatles birthdays?

John: october 9 1940 Paul: 18 june, 1942 Ringo: 7 july, 1940 George: 25 february, 1943 John: 9 October, 1940 Paul: 18 June, 1942 George: 25 February, 1943 Ringo: 7 July, 1940

The beatles were?

The Beatles were an English band. The members were Ringo Starr,Paul McCartney, George Harrison and John Lennon. The band startedin 1962 and broke up in 1970. John Lennon was killed in 1980.George Harrison died from cancer in 2001. Paul McCartney and RingoStarr are still alive today.

Why were the beatles names the beatles?

The name was chosen as a double-entendre; there was a fashion inthe early to mid - '60s for bands to name themselves after animals,so the group called themselves The Beatles so that it sounded likethey were named after the insects 'beetles', but the name isdeliberately mis-spelt to BEATles as a stat ( Full Answer )