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Who were the Patriots Loyalist Tories and Neutral?


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The Tories were - Loyalists

The Patriots were - Rebels

No Neutral team

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The Tories were loyal to the crown - they supported King George.

The patriots crushed a Loyalist militia, and they executed mant of the prisoners.

the patriots crushed a loyalist militia, and they excecuted many of the prisoners.

the patriots crushed a loyalist militia, and they executed many of the prisoners

The best estimate of the proportion of tories to patriots was that 15 to 20 percent of people were Tories. This means that 80-85 percent of people in the colonies were Patriots.

Neutral ^ that's wrong loyalist is someone who was loyal to Great Brittan and a patriot was someone who was against Great Brittan. After the Revolutionary war the patriots won and that is how the 13 colonies became the USA.

Tories were treated really badly. The patriots were viewed to be very even. However, to Torie's they were just as bad as the British. The patriots stuck feathers on the Torie's then they burned the feathers into the Torie's skin. This made the Tories in really bad condition.

60 percent of colonist were loyalist, 20 percent neutral, and 20 percent were patriots.

Patriots were more numerous than Tories, but large numbers of Americans were indifferent.

What have in common the Patriots and the Loyalists?

loyalist are rich and patriots aren't.

The patriots separated family's and the loyalist didn't like the way the patriots are giving them freedom hope this is the answer u r looking for :)

the loyalist is against the patriots

Because not all were patriots so were loyalist , the Quakers were pacifistic and some were neutral and didn't take sides

the patriots would tar and feather them like the tax collectors

to spt on the patriots

Some of the colonists in new England were called loyalists, or tories.

The Tories were loyalists. For example, after the US Declaration of Independence, people started taking sides, either as a patriot or as a loyalist. If you were a loyalist, you were one who remained loyal to the king and felt you had to defend England. If you were a patriot, you supported independence. The Tories were members of a political party called Loyalists that existed in the 17th and 19th centuries.

Some stayed loyal to Great Britain those were called loyalist and Tories and some wanted to tie away from great Britain those were called patriots.

About one third of the American colonists were loyal to the king of England. One third were in favor of war, and about one third were neutral.

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