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Who were the Western Plains Indians?

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The Plains Indians were people living in North America. The Great Plains were home to the Plains Indians, who were mostly hunter-gatherers. Their beliefs and attitudes were based around their religion; therfore many ceremonies were held including Buffalo dances and Sun dances to symbolise why they did paticular activities in their daily lives (e.g. hunting or victory). There were also different nations of the Plains Indians e.g. the Sioux tribe and the Crow tribe. War between tribes was also common. Success in war was a paticular importance to each tribe, as well as to individual warriors. In the main, wars consisted of short, fierce battles which were fought to steal horses or captives. However, because they were nomadic hunters, the aim of war was not to conquer tribes or land- it was for honour, which was achieved by proving courage and bravery.

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Why was the horse so valauble to the western plains Indians?

why were horses important to the western plains indians

Are there great plains Indians and western great plains Indians?

Yes the plain indians live on the great plains. to learn more!

Were the hopi Indians nomads?

No, the Western Plains Indians were nomads.

Are thhe Comanche Indians with the eastern plains or with the western plains?

the eastern plains indains.

What eastern plains Indians food was?

why where eastern plains people able to farm more successfully than western plains people

What was the policy call that made the plains Indians and the other western Indians live on reservations?

homeland secutiry

Were the Western Plains Indians or the Pacific Northwest Indians more independent on one natural resource?


Where were the Western Plains Indians or the Pacific Northwest Indians more dependent on one natural resource?

the answer is yes

Which animal was more important to the Western Plains Indians the buffalo or the horse?

Many Western Plains Indians relied heavily on bison. They used everything on bison including their skin, hair, and meat in order to survive.

Why were horses important to the western plains Indians?

I don't know don't ask me

Where do Plains Indians live?

The plains Indians live on the Great Plains.

Who are the Native Americans Indians of western plains now living in Montana and Oklahoma?


Plains Indians clothing?

Plains Indians Tribe clothing?

Who is the plains Indians' god?

the plains Indians got was locato

Are the Plains Indians nomadic or sedentary?

nomadic or sedentary is plains indians

Who settled the Great Plains?

The Plains Indians

What is the plains Indians habitat?

in the great plains

What did the government do to the Plains Indians?

The US government broke promises made to the Plains Indians.

Who introduced horses to plains Indians?

It was not introduced, for the Plains Indians stole the horses from the spanish.

What is the important animal resource of great plains Indians?

The plains Indians relied on the bison.

What were the great plains Indians foods?

Buffalo meat was the Great Plains Indians food.

Which group of people depended on the bison for their way of life?

Plains Indians

Where did Comanches tribe they live in?

The Comanche were a part of the Plains Indians. They lived all over the Western states and also in Texas.

Did the Plains Indians have anything to do with the Northeast Indians?


Where did the Comanche Indians live in north America?

Comanches inhabited the Southern Plains and lived in parts of Western Texas, Eastern New Mexico, Southeastern Colorado, and Western Oklahoma.

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