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Who were the Whigs?

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The Whigs were one of the two main political parties in Britain between the later 17th and mid-19th cents. The term, which derived from 'whiggamore', the name by which the Scots had been derogatorily known, was first used by the Tories during the to brand the opponents of James, duke of York. Whiggery thus began as a distinctly oppositional and populist ideology, which saw political authority stemming from the people, a 'contract' existing between them and their king, whom they might resist if he overrode their interests. Early Whig principles played a key part in shaping the 1689 revolution settlement. As firm supporters of the Hanoverian succession the Whigs presided over George I's accession in 1714 and afterwards engineered the long-term proscription of their Tory rivals. The resulting 'Whig oligarchy' achieved a hitherto unseen stability in political life over the next few decades, with power concentrated in the hands of the great Whig families.

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What came first whigs or republicans?


Conscience Whigs were Northern Whigs Who?

Opposed slavery

How were the federalists and the whigs different?

The major difference between the Whigs and federalists is that the Whigs were more supportive common man. The Whigs had ideals which is why they have more similarities with the federalists than differences.

Why were Northern Whigs known as cotton Whigs?

The whigs from the North were known as Conscience Whigs and those of the South were known as Cotton Whigs. The ones in the north opposed slavery except for the factory owners, which liked slavery die to the cheap cotton. the Southern Whigs supported slavery and wished to expand it into the territories.

Did the whigs want independence or the tories?

The Whigs wanted Independence.

What were the Whigs?

AnswerThe whigs were a liberal party that followed the guidelines of ideologyit means........

In the American Revolution did the Tories or the Whigs want the Americans to win the war?


What is the difference between Conscience and Cotton Whigs?

Conscience Whigs were generally in the North and apposed slavery; while Cotton Whigs were found more in the South and were for slavery

Where did the Whigs strongest support come from?

The Whigs strongest support came from the manufacturers and shippers in the Northeast.

Why did whigs oppose a war with Mexico?

the whigs did not want conquered territory to become slave states

What political party drew their support from former whigs?

Most of the first Republicans were former Whigs.

Why wasn't John Tyler a nominee of the whigs in 1844?

The Whigs kicked him out of the party in September 1841.

What campaign symbol did the whigs use?

The Whigs' campaign symbol was a log cabin, because it showed that the Whigs were hard-working, self-made people. It portrayed them as normal citizens and people.

What were the two major political parties during Thomas Jefferson's time?

the two major political parties were the whigs and the democrats, later on the whigs split onto two, the republicans and the whigs.

Antislavery Whigs who opposed both the Texas annexation and the Mexican War on moral grounds?

"Conscience Whigs".

The evasion of the slavery issue by whigs and democrats in 1848?

The Whigs and Democrats avoided and evaded the issue of slavery in the election of 1848 by splitting down the middle on who was for and who was against slavery. Whigs and Democrats in the South wanted to keep slavery. Whigs and Democrats in the North wanted to abolish slavery.

What were rebels called?


When was In the Dark - The Whigs album - created?

In the Dark - The Whigs album - was created on 2010-03-16.

Who were the antislavery Whigs who opposed both the Texas annexation and the Mexican American War on moral grounds?

They were called "Conscience Whigs".

How did the views of the whigs and democrats differ from the free-soil party?

The Whigs and the Democrats embraced the idea of popular sovereignty.

How did the views of the whigs and democrats differ from those in the free soil party?

The Whigs and Democrats embraced the idea of popular sovereignty.

What is another name for Whigs?


Who did the whigs hate?

Democratic Party

What is Jackson enemy party?


Who were the Radical Whigs?

justin beiber