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Who were the allies of England during World War 2?

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"Britain's_main_Allies_in_World_War_2" id=

"Britain's_main_Allies_in_World_War_2">Britain's main Allies in

World War 2

  • Throughout the war: the Commonwealth countries including:

    Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India - and


  • In the early stages, also Poland and France. A little later

    also Norway, the Netherlands, then Greece, but these countries were


  • From 1941 onwards also the Soviet Union and the US.

Not such an easy question:

Take France. An ally, through to the fall of France in May 1940.

After that Vichy French forces were in some cases actively hostile

(Syria, Madagascar, North Africa) and the French Navy was shelled

by the British one (Oran, Mers-el-Kebir). And yet a French

resistance movement and "Free French" forces, fielding whole

divisions by the end of the war, were very much British allies.

The Soviet Union started WW2 allied to Germany, dividing Poland

between them. It was only Germany turning on Russia in 1941 with

operation Barbarossa which transformed the situation. This same

shift moved Finland, which was in conflict with Russia, from a

potential ally to an axis country without any change in position on

their part.

Then there's the complexities of Yugoslavia: research "Chetniks"

and "Prince Paul of Yugoslavia"

I think the question should be "Who were the Allies of the

United Kingdom in World War II" as Scotland, Northern Ireland and

Wales as the other constituent members of the UK were just as

involved as England.

The United States, France, Canada, and Australia were allies

with England.

Dutch France

England allied with the United States, France, the Soviet Union,

nationalist China, Poland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South

Africa, Belgium, the Netherlands, Greece, Yugoslavia, Norway,

Brazil, Czechoslovakia, Ethiopia, India, Mexico, the Philippines,

and Albania.

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