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Q: Who were the ancient Egyptians most important gods and goddesses?
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Why were Egyptian Gods and Goddesses important to Ancient Egyptians?

They were important because they told them how to go about their lives

Did the ancient Egyptians believe in many gods?

The number of gods and goddesses the ancient Egyptians knew of and worshiped has not been counted.

What kindoms in ancient Egypt traded with the gods?

The ancient Egyptians did not "trade" with their gods and goddesses but worshiped them.

What do the Egyptians do to the gods when they died?

The ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses did not die in ancient Egyptian mythology.

Why did the ancient Egyptians only have 3 seasons?

Cause they named them after the 3 most important gods /goddesses

Do Egyptians have to worship gods?

No, the ancient Egyptians did not have to worship their gods and goddesses, it was a part of their faith and belief that they chose to.

What did the Egyptians want for praying?

The ancient Egyptians wanted the gods and goddesses to hear them with praying.

What did Ancient Egypt beileve in?

The Ancient Egyptians had many gods and goddesses. They also believed in an afterlife. Their gods and goddesses included Isis, Osiris, Anubis, Bastet, etc.

What gods and goddesses did ancient egyptians worship?


Why were the Egyptian gods important to the ancient egyptians?

Gods were important to Ancient Egyptians for the same reason God is important to people today

What were the jobs of the gods in ancient Egypt?

The ancinet Egyptians believed that their gods kept the balance of creation that the gods and goddesses had made.

How did ancient Egyptians worship gods and goddesses?

They made sacrifices. they sacrificed people and animals.