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You can find all champions of the National College Football team on the website of Wikipedia. College football is the highest level of collegiate play in the United States.

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Q: Who were the college football national champions?
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College football national champions?

alabama crimson tide

How many college national football champions does Pitt have?


Who won in 2005 national champions in college football?

texas longhorns

Who was national champions in college football 1982?

Penn State were the champs in 1982 with an 11-1 record.

List national champions in college football?

The list can be found on Wikipedia here:

Who are the past NCAA football champions?

the miami hurricanes were the national champions in 2001

Who won the 2007 ncaa national champions in college football?

The LSU Tigers won the 2007 season national championship on Jan. 8 2008

How many national championships in sports does clemson have?

1981 Football National Champions

Has the University of Southern Mississippi ever won a football national championship?

The University of Southern Mississippi was voted by the UPI as national champions in football in both 1958 and 1962 in what was then know as the"Small College Division." USM was called Mississippi Southern College at the time of its national championships.

NCAA football national champions?

Alabama Crimson Tide

Who said champions are made not born?

Scotty Kessler in his "Champions Manifesto". -College football coach

When did College Football's National Championship happen?

College Football's National Championship happened in 1994.

Roster for the 1961 university of Alabama football team?

National Champions

In football Who was the president that declared Texas the national champions?

Richard Nixon

What is the value of a football autographed by the UT National Champions football team?

around 1000 dollars

What team won the 1960 college football national championship?

Minnesota were recognized as the AP National Champions, and also won the UPI and AFF National Championships that year (all 3 being recognized by the NCAA as consensus national champions).Ole Miss won the Football Writers Association of America (FWAA) National Championship, the only other award recognized by the NCAA.Other "National Champions" included Iowa, Missouri and Washington, but none of their championships are recognized by the NCAA.

When was National College Football Awards Association created?

National College Football Awards Association was created in 1997.

When was College Football's National Championship created?

College Football's National Championship was created on 1994-05-06.

Who won the National Championship in college football in 1942?

The Georgia Bulldogs claim the college football National Championship in 1942.

Did duquense university in Pittsburgh ever win a national championship in football?

According to College Football Data Warehouse, Duquense has not won a consensus national championship, however, in 1941 they were named national champions by Massey Ratings system. They went 8-0 that season.

Other than Ohio state what other college has won a national champioship in football basketball and baseball?

California University, Berkeley (Cal Bears) National Champions Football-1920, 1921 & 1922 Basketball-1959 Baseball-1957

When was the last time the cornhuskers won the national title in college football?

1997 Beating #3 ranked Tennessee. Michigan beat #9 Washington State University. Split National Champions.

How many times have the Florida gators won the national championship in football?

In 100 years of play, Florida has been recognized as SEC champions seven times (finishing first in the conference an additional three times), were national champions of the 1996 and 2006 college football seasons, and went undefeated in the 1995 regular season

When was the College Football Data Warehouse first put online?

The College Football Data Warehouse is a site that focuses on the historic data of college. Stored on this site is all time records, National champions, Conference champions and Rose Bowl scores. It went on line on January 5, 2005 and the site has been accessed by over 117 million viewers.

Who was in the 1994 Orange Bowl?

Florida State University Seminoles (18), University of Nebraska Cornhuskers (16). FSU Seminoles were voted the college football national champions.