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Who were the colonists that were against the british?


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The Minute Men and Militia.

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Colonists that fought against the British were called "Patriots"

The country that helped the colonists fight against the British was France.

The colonists were protesting British laws because the colonists wanted more freedom.

Colonists protested against the British in the years before the revolution by launching a boycott of British products

The Patriots were the American colonists who rebelled against the British in the American Revolution. The American colonists who stayed loyal to the British and were against the Patriots were called Loyalists.

The colonists revolted against the british because King James was abusing rights and priveledges. The colonists had a slogan: 'No taxation without representation'.

The colonists let the Parliament know that they were against british taxes by throwing british goods into the water. This was called the british tea act.

The British did not expect their actions to cause the colonists to unite against them. They further did not anticipate the war.

To protect their liberties against an increasingly tyrannical British government.

what fraction of the colonists supported the revolution against the British

to battle against the colonists, because the British troops tried to revolt against them

It Promoted Colonists to take action against British taxing

The French fought with the colonists, and the Spanish helped somewhat as well

The colonists initial goal against the British was for lower taxation. Instead of lowering taxes the British increase taxes. The increased taxes led to the Revolutionary war.

no he helped the british who are against the colonists

They used the slogan "No taxation without representation" against the British as they had nobody to represent them in the British Parliament.

I have never read they did. You have to remember that ALL were British subjects and the revolution was treason against the king. The colonies were British and so were the colonists.

There were two sides, Patriots (who were for the war and against the British) and the Loyalists (who were ok with the British and did not want to fight against them)

The British were passing laws that the colonists thought were unfair

The British taxed the colonists to much that they started to rebell against the British.

All colonists would have had a grievance against the British government by April 1775. This was due to the invasions that the British troops conducted, the unfair taxation on products needed by the colonists, and other such unfair treatment that the British were passing to these people.

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