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The Sioux Indians

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Q: Who were the enemies of the mandan Indians?
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What happened to the Mandan Indians?

The Mandan Indians had to move from their home in the Indian Removal Act

Mandan Indians use buffalo?

The mandan tribe did use the buffalo

Do Mandan Indians live in lodges?

.yes.the mandan Indians live lodges.10-30 people can live in one lodge.

What languages were spoken by Mandan Indians?


What did the mandan Indians use for weapons?

they used bones

What did mandan Indians do for fun?

play recreational games

Where did the Corp of Discovery spend its first winter?

Fort Mandan. It was along the Missouri River, and they named it after the Mandan Indians

Who was the enemies of pomo Indians and why?

The pomo Indians were enemies with the Aztec and Maya Indians

Where did lewis and clark stay for the first winter?

The Mandan Indians

Where did Lewis and Clark spend their first winter in 1804?

Near what is now Bismark and Mandan North Dakota. They spent the winter with the Mandan Indians and where they met Saqajawea

What utensils did the Mandan and Cheynne Indians used?

The Mandan and Cheyenne Indians used rawhide containers for storage. They both also used stone knives and different sized wooden bowls.

What is Mandan?

A place where the Histada Indians live in south and north Dakota.

What were Jamestown's allies and enemies?

enemies where Indians

What were the Indians that were the Anasazi's enemies?

The Cheyenne Indians.

What did the Sioux Indians trade?

the Sioux Indians traded buffaloes for corn. they traded with their linguistic cousins the Mandan and Hidatsa

What is Fort Mandan?

A place where the Histada Indians live in south and north Dakota.

Where were the mandan Indians located?

Along the northern missisippi river in North Dakota

Did the pomo indians have any enemies?

The Poma Indians did have enemies. Their biggest enemies were settles who came from over from both Russia, and Europe.

Who were the enemies of chickasaw Indians?


What did mandan Indians wear?

they wore clothes made out of buffalo skin and deer skin

What did the mandan Indians do for Lewis and clark?

They traded goods and helped them throughout the harsh winter.

Who were the caddo Indians enemies?

they didn't really have any enemies!

Why was apache and the Navajo Indians enemies?

why are apache and navajo are enemies

What happened to the mandan Indians after the expedition?

They escaped up to Cananda so no Mexicans could find them

Who were the creek Indians enemies?

The Cherokee were their enemies for a while, then they became friends.