Who were the first three us people on the moon?

Well the first two people on the moon were Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. They had Michael Collins in the CM orbiting the Moon while they got to explore the surface. Every Apollo mission always had 3 people, two on the surface and one orbiting in the CM, performing all kinds of data analysis, image gathering etc etc waiting for the other two to return in the LM. Literally, the first three people on the moon would be Armstrong, Aldrin, and the first Astronaut to step foot onto the lunar surface from Apollo 12. No need to include "us" in the question, it was only Americans that have ever set foot on the moon so far. If the question is not to be taken literally, then the first three people TO the moon, would have been the crew of Apollo 8, I believe was the first crew to orbit the moon, not land, then come back home.

Again, I hope this is not a homework assignment for somebody, what could be more interesting than Man's first voyage to another heavenly body? I suggest NASA.gov and a review of the Apollo missions for some powerful knowledge on the greatest event in humanity, ever. Think about what these guys did, they went somewhere else. Nobody ever has done that since 1972 when the Apollo missions were abruptly cancelled.