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Who were the geographical officers in the battle of Leningrad?

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May 10, 2005 7:48PM

The battle of Leningrad was fought for three years, from late 1941 to 1944. A multitude of officers were involved on each side, German and Russian. A few highlights: On the German side the early conflict involved General Leeb. Leeb's forces made great strides and nearly captured Leningrad in the fall of 1941. He was dismissed by Hitler during the winter of 41-42. One of his subordinates was von Manstein. Manstein wanted to make a dash for the almost undefended city of Leningrad in summer 1941 but was over ruled by higher ups. Manstein is often considered the finest field commander of any army that fought in WWII. Hoepner was also involved as the leader of the 4th Panzer Group, which led the charge towards Leningrad. On the Russian side the most famous was Zhukov, who is probably the most famous and overall able general the Soviets possessed. He stabilized the collapsing front in late 1941 around Leningrad and enabled the city to hold out in a seige type environment.