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Who were the geographical officers in the battle of Leningrad?

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The battle of Leningrad was fought for three years, from late 1941 to 1944. A multitude of officers were involved on each side, German and Russian. A few highlights: On the German side the early conflict involved General Leeb. Leeb's forces made great strides and nearly captured Leningrad in the fall of 1941. He was dismissed by Hitler during the winter of 41-42. One of his subordinates was von Manstein. Manstein wanted to make a dash for the almost undefended city of Leningrad in summer 1941 but was over ruled by higher ups. Manstein is often considered the finest field commander of any army that fought in WWII. Hoepner was also involved as the leader of the 4th Panzer Group, which led the charge towards Leningrad. On the Russian side the most famous was Zhukov, who is probably the most famous and overall able general the Soviets possessed. He stabilized the collapsing front in late 1941 around Leningrad and enabled the city to hold out in a seige type environment.

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When and where did the Battle of Leningrad occur?

the battle of leningrad occured September 8, 1941 - January 27, 1944 in the Soviet Union

How did the battle of Leningrad start?

the battle started with a big explosion

Who won in the Battle of Leningrad?

The Soviet Union won. Leningrad never fell to German forces.

Where was the Battle of Leningrad fought in World War 2?

In Leningrad (since renamed St Petersburg) in Russia.

What was the outcome of the Battle of Leningrad?

On 27 January, 1944, Leningrad celebrated a complete victory over Nazi troops.

Was Stalingrad battle the longest?

No.Leningrad siege was longest

What battle was Fought by German and Soviet forces?


Who was the commander or general of the battle of leningrad?

Georgy Zhukov .

What was the turning point battle for the allies in Russia?


How many Germans were captured in the battle of Leningrad?

Overall three million German prisoners of war were captured by soviet union but not sure about exact number of soldiers captured in battle of Leningrad.

Was it the battle of Leningrad or Stalingrad in World War 2?

.Both the siege of Leningrad (8 September 1941 - 27 January 1944) and the battle for Stalingrad (23 August 1942 - 2 February 1943) were events in WW2 . Leningrad is now know as Saint Petersburg and Stalingrad is now Volgograd .

What major victories did the soviet union have in World War 2?

See - Battle of Moscow Battle of Stalingrad Battle of Kursk Operation Bagration Seige of Leningrad Battle for Berlin

Do you know facts about The Battle of Leningrad?

Below you will find a link with the basic facts about the siege and the battle

Five most important battles of world war 1 and of world war 2?

World War 2 Battle of Stalingrad Battle of Britain Battle of the Atlantic Battle for Midway Battle of Leningrad

How was the Battle of Leningrad fought?

the battle of Leningrad was a siege also called the blockade of Leningrad which lasted in around 3-4 years,the Germans and some finish troops had surrounded the city and the siege is one of the longest sieges in the history more than 1 million people died of starvation during the siege and is also one of the most destructive sieges in the history

Why was the Battle of Leningrad fought?

Leningrad being a strong symbol of soviet power (the city was named after Lenin) the Germans wanted to take the city to deal a blow to the Russian/Soviet morale and Stalin refused to let go of the city thus resulting in a bloody battle

The major battles of World War 2?

Battle of Britain,Battle of Berlin,D-Day,Iwo Jima,Battle of The Bulge,Okinawa,Midway,Operation Barbarossa,Leningrad and more.

What is The definition of regional level?

The regional level refers to a large geographical region and is available to the officers.

What is a police precinct?

A Police precinct is the central police headquarters of officers in a specific geographical area.

What are some major battles that took place in world war 2?

Some major WWII battles include: Battle of Britain Battle of the Bulge Battle of Iwa Jima & Okinawa Battle of Leningrad Battle of Midway Battle of Pearl Harbor Battle of Stalingrad

What battle led to massive physical destruction in the Soviet Union and the eventual collapse of German forces?

Battle of Leningrad in Russia. Check the spelling on that though lol.

How long did the battle of Leningrad last?

The battle occurred on 8 September 1941 - 27 January 1944. The battle lasted for 2 years, 4 months, 2 weeks and 5 days.

How many people died during the battle of leningrad?

its thought to be 632,000 people died and 4,000 people starved

What is A major turning point in the war was the capture in 1943 of a large German army by Soviet troops at the battle of?


What battle was key part of the allied offense to defeat Germany?

Here the major allied allied offences which helped them defeat the axis D-DAY Battle of the Bulge Battle of Berlin Battle of Kursk Battle of Stalingrad Battle of Moscow Siege of Leningrad Battle of Britain