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The Olympians as they were known were the twelve Gods and Goddesses associated with the Olympics.They were:Aphrodite the Goddess of loveApollo the God of the SunAres the God of WarArtemis the Goddess of the MoonAthena the Goddess of WisdomDemeter the Goddess of FertilityDionysus the God of TheatreHephaestos the God of FireHera the Goddess of Marriage (wife of Zeus)Hermes the messenger GodPoseidon the God of the SeaZeus the God of the Sky and Ruler of Olympia.

The Olympics were a reference to them as they were a test of peoples' outstanding strength, speed, skill, and other "olympic" abilities.

See also Demigods, the Dryads, the Fates, the Erinyes, the Graces, the Horae, the Muses, the Nymphs, the Pleiades, the Titans

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Q: Who were the gods associated with the Olympics?
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Did Artemis win in the Olympics?

No, but only because the Olympics in reality were for men, so male gods were associated with them.

What significance did greek gods play in the Olympics?

The Olympics were created to worship the Greek gods.

What were the Olympics held in honor of?

The Olympics were held in honor of the gods.

How did the Olympics worship gods?

they worshiped the gods by showing respect

What is the value of the Olympics?

the value of the olympics was to honner the Ancient gods of greece so they held it every four yers for the gods.

How were ancient gods connected with the ancient Olympics?

The ancient Olympics were held to honor the Greek gods (especially to honor Zeus).

Who created the olymipics?

Greece had created the Olympics. The Olympics were created for the Greek gods. Especially for Athena. (Which the city, Athens, was named after.) The Greece made the Olympics as the games to 'amuse' the gods, also for their honor for them. In Greek, the Olympics are spelt as Ολυμπιακοί. Olympics are for Mount Olympus, that was also for the Greek gods domain. It was also called Olympics because of Olympia, Greece for the name. The Games were not only entertainment, but to show their power and strengths to the gods. Summary: Called Olympics - Mount Olympus & Olympia, Greece Created Olympics - The people of Greece (you could say the gods in a way)

Why did the ancient Olympics begin?

they ancient Olympics begun to honor their gods

What Greek Gods were involved in the Olympics?

The Olympics were held in the honor of Zeus

Why did the ancient Athenians use Olympics?

The Olympics were a ceremony in honor of the gods.

Why did the Greeks invent Olympics?

The Greeks invented the Olympics in honour of their gods.

Why did they have Olympics?

to honor all of the gods

What was Pegasus associated with?

well i think it was associated with the greek gods.

The Olympics were dedicated to one of the gods or goddess Which one?

Zeus, the God of Gods.

Have the greek gods and goddesses have anything to do with the Olympics?

Yes. By worshipping the gods the greeks started the Olympics (named after the Olympians which were the 12 major gods) because they thought it would be a great way to show the gods they're skill.

Which game is not associated with Olympics?

Quite a few games are not associated withe the Olympics and many that once were not associated are now associated, such as tennis. Australian Rules Football is not associated with the Olympics although an exhibition match was once played. Generally speaking, games which are particular to a country (such as A.F.L. or octupus baiting in the South Pacific) are not usually played at the Olympics. The Olympics usually consists of those games and sports that are more universally played.

Do the Greek gods compete in the Greek Olympics?


Why were the Olympics played?

Because it is for honor to gods.

Why did Olympia invent the Olympics?

honor of their gods

Who can be a spectator in the ancient Olympics?

only the gods

Is there a Greek God of the Olympics?

There is not a god of the Olympics but there was many gods that lived on mount olympus

The Olympics were dedicated to one of the gods or goddesses Which one?

the olympic gods were dedicated to Zeus

How were the gods involved in the Olympics?

The gods were involved because the Romans thought they were entertaining Zeus

Which Greek God is associated with the Olympics?


Who was the the first person to create the Olympics?

There was no person. Olympics started by the Greeks to honor their Greek Gods.