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They were tombs for the pharaohs. Some believe they were aligned with certain constellations. Others believe they were constructed by aliens. You decide.

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Who built the great pyramids of Egypt?

The Egyptians built the pyramids.

Which kingdom were the Great Pyramids built in?

The Pyramids of Giza (including the Great Pyramid) were built during the Old Kingdom. Most pyramids were built during the Old and Middle Kingdoms.

What are in the pyramids of khufu kharfre and menkare?

Khufu built the great pyramid.Khafre built the great SphinxMenkaure built small pyramids.

Why did they build the Great pyramids of Giza?

They built the Great Pyramids of Giza to burry the Pharoahs in.

When were the great pyramids of Egypt built ad or bc?

The first of the Great Pyramids, the Step Pyramid, was built in 3700 B.C. The last pyramids in Egypt were built between 1800-1700 B.C.

How many great pyramids were built in Egypt?

there are 315 pyramids as of 2008

Why did they build the Great Pyramids?

The great pyramids were built for pharaohs who wanted to succesfully enter the afterlife

Where were the great pyramids built?

If you mean the Great Pyramids of Giza, they are located in El Giza, Egypt.

Who is known as the person who had The Great Pyramid built?

the slaves/workers literally built the pyramids, but the great pyramids were built in honor of Pharaohs, and is some of the Pharaoh's resting places.

What are the great pyramids built from?

They were made of limestone.

How were the great pyramids built?

no i dont know

Who built the great stone pyramids?

The Egyptians.

Where were pyramids built?

In Egypt .Pyramids were built all over the world, but probably the most famous of them all are the Great Pyramids of Giza, in Giza, Egypt.

When were the 'Pyramids of Giza' built?

2560 b.c. was the first one built. But the great pyramids of Giza were built in 2480BC, for king Khufu. there are 3 smaller pyramids for his brides next to him.

When were the great pyramids built?

giza and cairro, egypt

How did the Great Pyramids at Giza get in Egypt?

All of them were built there.

What date was it when the great pyramids was built?

Hello ppl!

What pharaoh built the last of the great pyramids?


Who built the great pyramid at Giza and why?

The Great pyramids were built for the Pharaohs to show their power, and by King Kuhfu.

Why was the Great Pyramid of Giza built as a triangle?

They wern't built as triangles, they were built as square pyramids! ;)

Where were the pyramids built?

Numerous pyramids have been built at different moments in time and in different places. The Great Pyramids at Giza, which are the most famous Egyptian pyramids, are built near to the modern city of Giza on the west bank of the Nile River. Numerous Nubian pyramids were built in southern Egypt. There are Mayan pyramids in Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize, and numerous other pyramids (such as the Pyramid at the Louvre in Paris).the built the pyramids in EgyptP

Who built the ancient pyramids in India?

Samarth the great, Johann the great and saksham the great did

Names of pyramids?

The three 'great pyramids' of Giza were built during the 4th dynasty. The names of the pyramids are Khufu, Kharfe, and Menkaure.

For which king was Egypts great pyramids built?

king Khufu

How tall are the Great Pyramids?

When it was built it was 480ft. but today it is 450ft.