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Moussilini was the head of Italy during WW2, but he was basically a pawn of Hitler. Benito Mussolini came to power in Italy in 1922, long before Hitler became Reich Chancellor. Even though he was the dictator of Italy, Victor Emmanuel III still remained the soverign king of Italy. During his Dictatorship, Mussolini changed his leaders in order to keep control. He also worried that others were trying to over-throw him, so he began to take control of some of their duties himself. Count Galeazzo Ciano, Mussolini's son-in-law, was the minister of Foriegn Affairs. He cleared the way for a meeting between the Italy and Germany that lead to the secret pact. He is seen in many photos with Mussolini. At the end of the war, Mussolini was captured and executed by the Communist partisans. They selected 15 others to be executed. The following names are those who were executed and the office they held at that time or earlier. 1 Francesco Barracu - Undersecretary in cabinet office 2 Fernando Mezzasomma - Ministry of Popular Culture(i.e. propoganda) 3 Nicola Bombacci - Minister of Interior. Mussolini's friend. 4 Luigi Gatti - Duce's private secretary after organizing his new cabinet. 5 Pisenti Liverani - Minister of Communications 6 Alessandro Pavolini - ex-Ministry of Popular Culture. Editor of Rome's "Messagero". Pushed for speedy execution of Ciano in January, 1944. Tried to organize the Fascist Army to make a last stand near Alps. 7 Paolo Zerbino - Minister of Interior, Dec 1943 8 Ruggero Romano - Minister Public Works 9 Paolo Porta - Head of Fascist Party in Lombardy 10 Alfredo Coppolo - Rector of the Bologna University 11 Ernesto Daquanno - Director of Stefani agency 12 Mario Nudi - President of Fascist Agriculture Association 13 Colonel Vito Casalinuovo - Mussolini's adjutant 14 Pietro Calistri - Air Force pilot- innoncent of any connection to Duce. 15 Idreno Utimperghe - Some say he was only a journalist or Black Shirt leader. 16 Archille Starace - Secretary of Fascist Party 1931-1939.

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Q: Who were the leaders of Italy in World War 2?
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The Italian Dictator Benito Mussolini.

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What were the Goals of the world war 2 allied leaders?

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