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Q: Who were the leaders of North and South Vietnam at the time of the Vietnam War?
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Did the US support North Vietnam or South Vietnam?

The US backed South Vietnam. During this time the north was supporting communism and in 1976, the countries reunified into the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

What was the boundaries between north and south Vietnam at the time of the Vietnam war?

17th Parallel.

Who was the president of north Vietnam at the time also who was the president of south Vietnam what happened to the president of south Vietnam and who replaced him as leader?

ANSWER Ho Chi Minh was the president of North Vietnam during the Vietnam War his original name was Nguyen Tat. Diem was the president of South Vietnam. Diem was assassinated Nguyen Van Thien was the president of South Vietnam after him.

Where was the South Korean War most during at that time?

The war was fought in both North & South Korea. This contrasts with Vietnam, in which the ground war was totally fought in South Vietnam; however, the USAF/USN fought the AIR WAR over NORTH Vietnam.

Who was better north Vietnam or south Vietnam?

in vietnam many people died but it was the south with the US on their side against the north with Russia and durring that time north vietnam with russia on their side were able to advance and take controll of the south untill the US came and supported the south which brought it to the border that they have now which is divided in half. but overall the south was good north bad and the north was way stronger because we had to retreat back to the US because the north was too powerful.

Was there ever a different type of government in Vietnam?

The north was always communist, the south at one time was called the REPUBLIC of South Vietnam; which ceased to exist in '75.

Why did S Vietnam's leader refuse to hold democratic elections?

South Vietnam is technically still controlled by North Vietnam so they are communists which is the opposite of democracy. Since North Vietnam wants to stay in control, a North Vietnam leader is chosen to be the leader of South Vietnam so all of Vietmnam would refuse to hold democratic elections since they are both communists basically, even though most of South Vietnam wants to be democratic. Answer. South Vietnam's leader refused to hold elections in 1956 after the agreed partition of Vietnam in 1954 even though elections were part of the agreement signed by both parties in Geneva. The agreement was for elections in North and South Vietnam but it was considered at the time by the South Vietnam government that, such was Ho Chi Minh's hold on the north, any elections could not be democratic there and as there were so many sympathisers for the north in South Vietnam, President Ngo Dinh Diem felt he would loose an election.

What were the results of the US bombing on North Vietnam in 1970-72?

Hanoi was put behind in it's invasion (of the South) time-tables; it bought "time" for the south.

Why did the US enter the Vietnam war Who was president at this time?

Military advisors were deployed to South Vietnam in the 1950s under Eisernhower. When North Vietnam escalated aggression against the South in 1961 John Kennedy sent more advisors.

Leader of Vietnam during the cold war?

The leader of North Vietnam during the Vietnam War period of the Cold War was Ho Chi Minh. The leader of South Vietnam at the time was Ngo Dinh Diem.

How did us involvement change over time in Vietnam?

American involvement in the Tet Offensive, many Vietnamese were died and wounded. Simultaneously, North Vietnam and South Vietnam united to fight US.

How did propaganda pursue Vietnamese men to fight in the Vietnamese war?

A civil war is ONE nation fighting itself. The US Civil War is an example of ONE nation fighting itself; the North against the South. Vietnam was TWO separate nations; a North Vietnam against the South Vietnamese government. North and South Vietnam were created at the same time on or about 1954. They became one nation, for the first time in 1975, when they won the war.

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