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Allied LeadersThe President of US was Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The Prime Minister of France was Edouard Daladier, but it was Charles de Gaulle who led the Free French Forces.

The dictator of the USSR was Josef Stalin.

It's easy to forget that Winston Churchill was not PM at the beginning of the war. Neville Chamberlain was the PM until he lost the confidence of the government and was replaced by Churchill and a coalition government.

The President of China was Chiang Kai Shek.

The central three leaders were Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill. The former three leaders are seen in a famous picture taken at the Yalta Conference.

Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt

Well the war started in 1939 and the Allies were Britain and the Commonwealth of Nations, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland and Czechslovakia. The Russian were intially against the Allies and were supporting Hitler. It wasn't until Germany began advancing on the Russian sphere of influence that this changed.

Similarly, the US was not officially in the allied alliance until 1942. And of course Roosevelt passed away whilst the war was still waged and was replaced by President Truman. It is forget that the Allies were more than just Britain, Russia and USA-it included Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Kenya, South Africa and China as well as the many other nations that valiantly stood together.

The main leaders were Roosevelt, Churchill & Stalin: US, Britain & Russia respectively. There were several meetings between these, Yalta Tehran & Potsdam, for example. These men shaped post war Europe.

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Q: Who were the leaders of the Allied nations in World War 2?
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