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Big Three Leaders Historians like to say the "Big Three" are USA, USSR, and Britain. (Much of the world was on the Allied side. Fighting against the Axis was a requirement to be accepted to the League of Nations (now know as the United Nations), though they may not have done anything.) Leaders of the Big Three 1. USSR - Joseph Stalin 2. USA - Franklin Delano Roosevelt followed by Harry Truman 3. Britain - Winston Churchill

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Q: Who were the leaders of the big three Allied Powers in World War 2?
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What were the three allied powers of World War 2?

The three main Allied powers were USA, British Empire, Soviet Union.

Name three allied powers in World War 1?

The three allied powers in World War 1 were Russia, Britain and France. They were referred to as the Triple Alliance.

When were the three Allied powers in World War 2 formed?

The three main allied powers during World War II were the Soviet Union, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Three allied powers from World War 2?

The so called Big 3 allied powers in WWII were the UK, the USA and the Soviet Union.

Who were the 3 major Allied powers in world war 2?

The three major Allied powers in World War 2 were: The United States, Great Britain, and The Soviet Union.

Who were the three allied powers?

the three allied powers were Italy, Germany, and Japan

Who are the leaders of the three major allied powers of World War 2 time?

Germany-Adolf Hitler Italy-Benito Mussolini Japan-Emperor Hirohito and Prime Minister Tojo

Who were World War 2 allied powers?

Russia , the US and Britain - The Big Three .

The big three allied leaders met to discuss the postwar world at yalta in?

Soviet Union

Name the three Allied leaders during World War 2?

Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin!!!!

Who were the big three Allied leaders in World War?

i think it was usa, UK and soviet union

In world war 1 who were the three allied powers in Europe?

Principally Britain, France & Russia.

Who were three main Allied powers in World War 2?

Germany, Italy, and Austria/ Hungary.

Which Allied leaders comprised the Big Three during World War 2?

Stalin , Churchill and Roosevelt .

Why were Joseph Stalin Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill known as the big three?

They were the leaders of the three main Allied powers: Soviet Union, United States, and Great Britain.

Big Three alliance during World War 2?

During World War II, the 'Big Three' nations who were allied against the Axis powers were Great Britain, the Soviet Union, and the United States. Numerous other nations, small and large, were associated with these leaders in the world war.

What countries were apart of the allied powers?

Three of the countries that were apart of the Allied Powers were The United States of America, Great Britan ,and France

Was the US an allied power or central power during World WAr 1?

The US joined the "Allied Powers" when it declared war on Germany, which was one of three Central Powers: Germany, Austria-Hungary & Turkey.

What country was the last to join the allied powers almost three years after the start of world war 1?


Which three countries led the allied powers in world war 2?

The so-called 'Big Three' in World War 2 were Britain, the Soviet Union and the U.S.

Who were the three main axis powers and who were three main allies?

Axis powers: German, Japan, Italy Allied powers: U.S., Briton, Russia....................

Where was the conference held in which the big three decided to divide Germany among the allied powers after World War 2?


Which three countries led the Allied Powers in World War II?

The three MAIN countries in the Allied powers of World War II were Britain, The U.S., and France (surrendered). the States joined after the bombing on Pearl Harbor. RUSSIA cause France technical didn't fight so. US Britain and Russia

Who were known as the big three?

The leaders of the 3 Allied nations From-GiGi

Which three countes led the allied powers?

usa Britain and russia