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Who were the leaders of the countries involved in World War 2?

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Leaders during World War II

Germany - Adolf Hitler

Japan - Emperor Hirohito / Prime Minister Hideki Tojo

Italy - Benito Mussolini

Russia - Josef Stalin

United States - Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S.


Great Britain - Winston Churchill / King George VI

Other Major Leaders


Australia - Prime Ministers Robert Menzies, Arthur Fadden, John

Curtin, Frank Forde, and Ben Chifley

Canada - Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King

Free French - Charles De Gaulle

French Resistance - Jean Moulin

China - Chiang Kai Shek

New Zealand - Prime Ministers Michael Savage and Peter


India - (Governor Generals)

Victor Hope (Marquess of Linlithow),

Archibald Wavell (1st Earl Wavell)


Vichy France - Henri Petain

Hungary - Miklos Horthy

Bulgaria - Bogdan Filov / Dobri Bozhilov

Romania - Ion Victor Antonescu

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