World War 2

Who were the major leaders of the USSR during World War 2?

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May 19, 2007 1:44AM

It depends on who refer to as leaders, I can give you a breakdown if you would like... STALIN---Head Of State-Died 1953 Molitov---Foriegn Minister---Unknown Berea---Head Of The NKVD Or KGB in later years--Unknown General Ivan Konev---1st Ukrainian Front General Georgy Zhukov--- 1st Belorussian Front General Konstantin Rokossovsky--2nd Belorussian Front Just to Give You An Idea, and if your researching this is what happened During the period that lasted (1/13/1945 to 4/25/1945,it cost the Red Army 584,788 casualties, and 3,525 tanks and assault guns. I hope this helps in your study