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They were called the Framers.

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Q: Who were the men who wrote the constitution?
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Related questions

Who were the five men who wrote the constitution?

It wasn't 5 men who wrote the constitution, but the effort of 55 men.

What do you call the men who wrote the constitution?

You call them the Framers.

What are the men who wrote the Constitution sometimes called?


What kind of men wrote the Constitution?

B R Ambedhkar wrote India's constitution who was known untouchable and of low class

How did the new constitution reflect the values of men who wrote them?

The new constitution reflected the values of the men who wrote them by showing that the men were able to come up with a new, better, and stronger form of government.

What was name given to the men who wrote the constitution?

The Founding Fathers

Did all whites sign the constitution?

I do not know if all white men wrote or signed the constitution. But I do know that all business men were not white.

What group supported adopting the constitution?

The 55 white men who wrote the constitution were the cream of the colonies and the wealthy educated men. They supported the constitution and didn't ask for others to support it.

What were the names of the men who wrote the constitution?

There were 55 men so it would be hard to list on here all of them.

Which group of people was included in that at the time the founders wrote the Constitution?

all men

Who were the founding fathers that wrote the US Constitution?

There were 55 men who took part.

Who is credited with writing the Constitution?

No one person wrote the constitution, but all the notes were taken by James Madison. The Constitution is the effort of 55 men.

What happen at the constitutional convention?

55 men wrote the constitution from May to September 1787.

Who wrote the constitution of Ireland?

who wrote the constitution of Ireland

What are the founding father?

the founding fathers were a group of men who wrote and signed the constitution and bill of rights

How did the new Constitution reflect the values of the men who wrote it?

It showed that the men were brave, and also knew what the people and the government needed to survive and go on. It also reflected that the men who wrote it had a supreme interest and passion for trying to make their country thrive under a fair government and written constitution.

What is the main reason that the constitution did not proclaim that all men were both free and equal in their rights?

The 55 men who wrote it owned slaves.

Who wrote the first constitution?

thomas Jefferson wrote the first constitution

Who wrote Europe constitution?

Prince Dimitry of Russia wrote the constitution.

Who wrote Carolina's constitution?

John Locke wrote the constitution of Carolina.

Who wrote the constitution of indapendence of the US?

Who wrote the Constitution of the United states

What guarantees did Jefferson say were the rights of all men?

Thomas Jefferson wrote the United States Constitution in the 18th century. He wrote that all men had the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Who wrote the costitution?

when was the constitution wrote

Why was the Constitution called a bundle of compromises?

Unlike our current Congress the men who wrote the constitution made compromises with each other to get the needed work done.

Who wrote India constitution?

Dr. B.R Ambedkar wrote India's constitution.