World War 2

Who were the most decorated American soldiers of World War 2?


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Sgt. Audie Murphy was the most decorated. I don't know who came in behind him. If you are familiar with the movie actor with that name its the same man. Michael Montagne


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There are many great American soldiers from the Revolutionary War to Iraq. Every conflict has produced American soldiers of great bravery and honor. The most decorated soldier of all time is Gen Douglas MacArthur.

The most decorated American soldier of WW1 is generally considered to be George Lawson Keene. cmf3225

The most decorated US soldier of WWI was Colonel William J. Donovan .

Audie Murphy: Is the most decorated soldier of WWII He is buried in Arlington Cemetery

Audie Murphy was the most decorated. Who was the FIRST U. S. soldier to earn the top 3 awards for bravery, the Medal of Honer, The DSC, and the SIlver Star?

Yes, the Glasgow Rangers are the most decorated club in the world.

bob doleAudie Murphey was the most decorated soldier in the entire war

Alvin York. He was one of the highest decorated soldiers of WW1.

Audie Murphy was the most decorated American soldier in World War2.

Audie Murphy became famous when his life story was told on television. He played himself in a 1955 film. He was one of the most decorated American soldiers of World War 2.

The Japanese American "Go for Broke" Nisei 100th.

Haile Selassie1 from ethiopia is the most decorated man in world war 2

the highest decorated solider was William Kingston of the 3rd brigade. he was followed by an American general scoot f. williamson.

The Most decorated ship in World War II was the USS Enterprise. The great aircraft carrier.

The most decorated French soldier of World War 1 was Audie Murphy. He was decorated with the Croix de guerre ribbon which was a French Legion of Honor.

Traditionally soldiers are sent to their native country to be buried. However I do know that most of the American soldiers that fell in France are buried there.

It is believed that Army Colonel Robert L. Howard was the most decorated American soldier of all time. He passed away in 2009 and is buried at Arlington National Cemetery

Most of the Japanese-Americans who served their country during WW2 fought in Europe and they fought with courage and distinction : notably the 442nd Regimental Combat Team which is the single most highly decorated unit in the US Army .

He is famous for being the most decorated American Winter Olympican.

A Tiger tank commander who destroyed dozens of American and british tanks and almost a hundred Russian T/34

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